We now have a VP-40 challenge coin. It is very cool  and heavy. $15 each.

get them while they are available. They will be collectors items.



We now have T-Shirts, Hats, and Coffee cups with the VP40 P3C plane on them.

come and get em.



We have added a new T Shirt that has both P5M1 and P5M2 on front and all patches on back. In white or gray, $15 each.



We have added some more merchandise for you to purchase.

Different T-shirts and coffee cups are now available.



Our VP40 ShipsStore is up and running.

here it is.


These items can be ordered direct from our VP40 group. NO more 3rd party to pay.

You can look at the pictures/ prices  etc. of items for sale. This is active as of today 2/23/2013.

Bob Polk will be in charge of ordering/ shipping  and handling the merchandise. If you are a member of this group his address/phone etc. are in the roster.

here is his VP40 email



If you have any other questions please  call or email me.

Guy Fisk    ggfisk@vp40.com


This is the official ? VP40 Navy store

You can order from this site also.  http://shop.cafepress.com/patron 40




15 responses to “VP40 SHIPS STORE”

  1. John M Kennedy Avatar
    John M Kennedy

    I was the radio operator, Crew 10, from 2/1970 to 4/1971.
    I am very interested in the VP-40 Challenge coins and would like to purchase at least 1.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      We have them.
      email me with your address etc. and I will send them to you.
      $15 each.
      thanks for your service
      Guy Fisk
      Laging Handa

  2. Nicole Wethy Avatar
    Nicole Wethy

    Good morning,
    I used to be the corpsman for VP 40 back in 95-99. I would love to know how I can purchase a squadron hat. I lost mine a few years ago.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      send me your info (what color size etc.)
      along with mailing info.
      I will include bill with shipping costs.
      Guy Fisk
      Laging Handa

  3. Mike Richardson Avatar
    Mike Richardson

    looking for cruise books from 1972 to 1978… lost everything in storage

  4. mike Avatar

    looking for cruise books 1972 to 1978

  5. alan moore ams1-ret-usn Avatar
    alan moore ams1-ret-usn

    Can anyone tell me where i can get vp-40 and 47,s collecter coins

  6. Denis M Bishton Avatar
    Denis M Bishton

    I just remember Donuts and Coca Cola. But your right about the credit.

  7. Dave Fulcher Avatar
    Dave Fulcher

    I liked Sid. Nowadays you can’t find anyone like Sid that will give you credit until payday. First thing I did on payday was go clear the books with Sid.

  8. Tom Jessen Avatar
    Tom Jessen

    You need to go back to the PI and hire Sid to reun it like he did the coffee shack

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      They were the good old days, Sid ran a tight ship.

  9. Dave Fulcher Avatar
    Dave Fulcher


    VP 40 Ship’s Store still not open. Now you have sailors bitching.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      the link is good. You can order from Patron40 items.

  10. Guy Fisk Avatar

    This is active now 9/23/11
    You can order VP 40 items direct from here.
    check it out
    I will have items at the reunion as well, different than what is from this store.
    I will have OUR VP40 (seaplane era) store up and running in Oct 2011 and post it here.

  11. Guy Avatar

    This is not set up yet, check back.
    It wll contain ball caps, shirts, coffee mugs etc. for sale.

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