Arrivals & Departures

This page will contain new members who have joined and members who have passed away.  It  will be updated weekly if necessary or monthly

NEW MEMBERS                                                              DECEASED MEMBERS

Richard J. Unger  1960-1962 AT2                                   Sherrill Wade  10/26/11    ADR2 1955-1957

Stanley E. Skupien  1956-1960  AEAN                            Billy Joe Mars   02/2011   AE3    1962-1965

Michael J. Kane    1964-1968     AK3                              Thomas Rice           05/2011    AK3   1950-1953

Phillip R. Frank     1966-1969     ATR2                            Rayford Carter         08/2010    AK3   1957-1958

Henry Young          1965-1967      AO3                          Hugh Longino      08/2010  CDR XO/CO 1964-1967

Richard D Boyer     1961-1963     LTJG                           Valarius (Larry) Kugler  08/2010   CDR    1964-1966

Fred Malick             1964-1967    AT3                            David Wilson           08/2010     AEC   1956-1959

Jack Mason              1961-1963    ATN3                        Ted Hergenrader     12/2007       LTJG   1963-1965

Joseph Harman       1964-1967    LT                              Gene Haun            1/2012             AD2     1952-1955

Richard Magnuson     1961-1963  AT2                          John DeSantis         2/19/2012      AN     1965-1967

Harmon Neatfeld     1965-1968   AME2                        John Malcik            6/26, 2011       AN     1956-1957

Howard Stephens    1947-1949    AL3                           Calvin Kammeyer     8/2010         LT      1967-1970

Roland Edmunds      1953-1957    AD2                         Bob Hook                 2011             ABU3   1957-1961

Robert Harvey         1956-1959      PH3                        Robert G. Vance      ????              AD1       1962-1967

Harvey Simmons      1962-1965     AT1                        Robert H. Alves       9/4/2012    AETM1    1950-1951

John Masterson          1958-1961     AMS2                  Audie R. Perkins    9/3/2012     ATCM       1963-1964

Mike Buckels                1963-1964      ATR3                Eugene Wisenbaker   11/16/2012   LCDR   1962-1964

Joseph Mavilia             1959-1961       AN                  Glenn Errington       2/12/2013    AEAN    1951-1953

Paul Renoud                  1966-1967       AX3               Frank Beamon            5/11/2013   AM2 1955-1958

Gary W. Armstrong      1966-1967      AX3                 William VanLandingham   5/18/2013    AT1 1955-1958

Richard Carrel              1965-1967      AX3                 Ralph Buesking              8/19/2013    AM2  1953-1957

Arlen Shire                    1961-1962      AK3                Gerald (Jerry) Holmes    8/25/2013     AD3  1956-1959

Kenneth Colson           1965-1967      ATN2               James Carrigan              6/2011     PN3  1965-1968

Carl Brooks                   1966-1967      ATR3               William Martin          6/11/2013    AMAN    1950-1954

David Molnar              1960-1961        ATS3               Terry Durst                   5/2013     AMS3 1964-1967

Tom Jessen                 1962-1965        AO2                Leon Peachie             9/23/2013     AO1 1952-1954

Robert Biechie            1953-1955        AMS3             Marvin Register       12/13/2013     LT 1956-1959 

Kirby Hamm               1962-1965      AO2               Archie Bigwood        9/20/2013      Ensign 1952-1954 

Joe Favreau                1965-1967       AX2               John King                 12/27/2013     AO3   1965-1968

Jim Feflie                    1964-1966       AKAN            Richard Romano       11/2013          ATN2   1962-1963

Edward Williams         1961-1964       AM1             Ralph VanderNailen   2/14/2014      LTJG      1953-1955

Richard Strimel            1961-1963       AT1              George O'Bryan         8/24/2013      CDR      1957-1958

Harry Bound                1961-1963       AT2               Walter Smith             3/14/2014      AD3      1957/1959

John Honaker              1965-1966       ADR2            Dan Hoff                   4/24/2014       AT1       1965/1967

Bryce Billings               1964-1967        LT                 Richard Roggansack  11/9/2012      AO        1950's

Don Yancy                    1963-1966       AE3               FL (Joe) Bartlett         8/10/2013       HM3     1951-1953

Ronnie Bozeman          1965-1967       AX3               John Fetros               5/19/2014       YN3      1956-1957

David Seltzer                1962-1964       ADR3            Mike Crownover       10/2014           LCDR   1962-1964 

Thomas McLees           1953-1954      AT3                James Stevens            7/04/2014       ATCS    1965-1969

Jim Fleming                  1964-1966      AE4               David Dearolph          7/2015             LTJG     1951-1953

Jerry Bowman              1965-1966       AX3              Bill Hammatt              7/15/2013         AX3    1965-1967

Thomas Lewis              1964-1972    AX2/AW1        Jim Gard                     2/2015             AT2      1959-1960

Phillip Smith                1966-1967    AX2                 David Partridge          3/21/2016      ATR2     1961-1963 

Dale Wietzke               1971-1974   AT2                  Dick Pennington         7/18/2021     AMS3     1964-1966

Dick Wilcox                 1958-1961   AE2                  Gorman Ponds          11/11/2013     E3         1964-1967

Tom McClelland          1961-1964    AX2                Richard Magnuson        2015             AT2       1961-1963

Raymond Wegrzyn     1961-1963   AE1               Ed Feeney                   1/31/2016      LTJG       1959-1960  

Robert Maley              1951-1954   AL3               Harvey Simmons         6/27/2014      AT1       1962-1965

Paul Dorman               1967-1970   RM3             James Barr                  8/27/2016       AO2      1952-1954

Robert Buie                 1966-1969     LT               Jack Laney                  5/12/2016       CDR      1961-1962 

Joe Leatherwood         1966-1970   ATR2           Harry Hinden               2/25/2016       CDR       1964-1966 

David Mathes              1967-1968     ATR3         John Honaker             9/27/2016        ADR2     1965-1966

Richard Kilmer             1968-1969     ADJ2        Fred Turbeville           2/11/2017          LTJG        1964-1966                                                                                              Anthony Lazzaretti       9/29/2016       LT         1963-1966 

                                                                                   Robert Foss                    11/11/2022     ADAN     1951-1954


171 responses to “Arrivals & Departures”

  1. Tom Jessen AO2 1962-1965 Avatar
    Tom Jessen AO2 1962-1965

    Still remember "Pilot Bow – Bow rigged portside anchor-pin pulled standing-by to go over the side, Sir….Pilot Tail Cat on tail strain on line standing-by to go over the side, Sir"

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      I received your dues thank you.
      Also I see you received the hat, t-shirt and coin. Do they fit etc?
      Hope to se you at reunion in SD in Oct

  2. Phil Livengood Avatar
    Phil Livengood

    Tom Hanner Died in 10/2013 LTJG. 1961-1963

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      thanks for the info. I will post it.
      I received your dues check
      thank you. Hope to see ya in
      SD in Oct

  3. John L Brustol Avatar
    John L Brustol

    AWC Joe Nell Leatherwood, who served in VP-40 as an ATR2 from 66 -70 passed away in Las Vegas on 1/27/2021.

  4. Guy Fisk Avatar

    Here is Hal Peper's Obit.
    Harold Joseph Peper
    February 3, 1933 – July 24, 2020
    Hal Peper was born in Bellechester, Minnesota; a small town of 81 people and one stop sign to Chris and Mini Peper. He loved planes and flew his first solo flight at 10 years old. He attended Goodhue High School, where he was the star basketball player, scoring 80 points in one of his games before the 3 pointers were established. His talent in basketball awarded him a scholarship to Mankato State Teachers College, where he graduated in 1955 earning his degree in Chemistry. He loved Mankato State and was a great supporter of the school. In 1990, Hal was inducted into the Minnesota State Mankato Athletic Hall of Fame and continued to support and contribute to the Maverick Athletics.
    After graduation, Hal joined the Navy and attended officer candidate school in Rhode Island. He was a member of the VP 40 being stationed in the Philippines surveying the South China Sea where he received the China Service Medal. He had also been stationed at North Island, San Diego where he retired as a LTJG after five years.
    Following his military retirement, Hal joined Beckman Instruments, where he quickly rose to the position of Senior Vice President of sales and marketing. He had been with Beckman for 28 years. After his retirement, Hal maintained a close relationship with many of his managers…. They remembered Hal as "Humphry Bogart, Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, and all the other cool guys, all rolled into one."
    After leaving Beckman Instruments, Hal and former Beckmanite, Pete Furton, started two companies; California Analytical Instruments (CAI) one of the leading suppliers of gas analyzers and systems, and his other company Environmental Testing Corporation (ETC), a high altitude vehicle and engine emissions testing laboratory serving every automotive manufacturer in the world.
    In 2007, Hal was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from Minnesota State Mankato's for his generous donations through CAI and ETC to the university's Automotive Engineering Technology Department, which included an emission test system and evaporative emission equipment. Through his support Hal hoped to contribute in the "laying of the foundation of one of the finest educational engine and fuel research emissions testing departments of any university in the United States."
    Hal had also been involved as the president of the Southern California Tri-County Chapter of the Leukemia Society and was selected as father of the year at Servite High School.
    Hal Peper passed away on July 24th in Fullerton, California with his loving wife, Joan by his side. In addition to his wife he is survived by his two children Fr. Eric (Amy), Christianne Curry (Ty), his four grandchildren, and the delight of his life: His four month old great-grandson Michael Emmet Peper.
    A celebration of his life will be held at a later date.

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