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This is a place to re-connect, tell a story or two, browse some pictures and refresh your memory . Brown shoes welcome aboard!

This former Seaplane Era group of VP40 Airdales is now accepting ANY VP40 Airdales. We have expanded our group to include all VP40 former/current VP40 personnal. You are welcome to join our group, attend our reunions, and receive newsletters/ rosters of members etc.
Please fill out the info below for more info on our group.

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  1. Guy Fisk Avatar

    The web site is back up and running. Still some repair work to do, but it is working now.
    TheVP40 reunion is still on for Sept 11-13 in Nashville, TN.
    We are staying at The Inn at Opryland (615)231-8808. Tell them you are with the VP40 reunion for a special rate.
    If you plan on attending call me (828)423-2106 or email me ggfisk@vp40.com
    I am posting the reservation form in the 2023 reunion tab here. fill it out mail it to me along with the money
    Do Not wait as I have made obligations to the hotel and WE ail have to incur costs if we do not make the quota.
    thanks and hope to see ya all there
    Guy Fisk

  2. Guy Fisk Avatar

    test of site 9/22/22

  3. Mark Satterlee Avatar
    Mark Satterlee

    Hi, I was tad to VP-40 during the fall of 1960. We flew a -2 from San Diego to Sangley and traded it for an old junker -1 which we flew back to San Diego. Our crew spent a month at Midway repairing it and that is another story.
    I have a VP-42 1959 cruise book I wish to donate. Any ideas? Any suggestions would be great. I already tapped Nevil but he donated all his collection to a museum. Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
    Mark Satterlee 360-886-2141

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      thanks for the comments.
      If you still have that VP42 cruise book, I will accept for our group.
      As you can see I have a few VP40 cruise books on our website.
      my email is

  4. Jeff Pankonie Avatar
    Jeff Pankonie

    June 1971 to November 1973

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      You are welcome to join our group.
      Our next reunion is 10/12-10/16/2022 in San Diego, CA.
      the registration form is on this site.
      Contact me if you want to join or come.
      Guy Fisk

  5. Guy Fisk Avatar

    I have signed contract with the hotel so we are good to go.
    Oct 12-16, 2022
    registration form to be available very soon…..
    I look forward to seeing old friends, and shipmates again.
    We have lost quite a few members since our last reunion.

  6. David Mathes Avatar
    David Mathes

    Thanks for the referral! See Ya at the next reunion. As soon as I can figure out how to pay my dues, I'm paying. And, still standing!

  7. ron carlson Avatar
    ron carlson

    still vertical, above room temperature, and the scenery is changing!!

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      glad to hear ir.
      See ya in SD ???

  8. Darrell Jenkins Avatar
    Darrell Jenkins

    Hello squadron mates! I would like to join this group. I served in VP-40 (1971-72) as a member if crew 2/crew 1 (Cdr Narmi's crew) and made the 1971-72 Naha deployment as an AW3, RAD/MAD/ECM before being released back to a reserve unit.
    Darrell Jenkins, Heber Springs. AR

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      You are welcome to join our group.
      Our dues are $20/year.
      my address is
      Guy Fisk
      575 Sandy flat Mountain Road
      Fletcher, NC 28732

      I will email you the latest roster with address/phone/email etc.
      when you return to me the registration form which I am sending you via separate email.
      Welcome aboard
      Our reunion will probably be cancelled for this year again, due to Covid 19

  9. Roman Gawlowski "Ski" Avatar
    Roman Gawlowski "Ski"

    It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of "Inu" Shepard.
    I joined VP-40 as a Radar/MAD operator in Crew 10 just after the last P5 flight, and just as they were moving to Moffett Field and beginning the transition to the P3. The squadron had one P3 at the time.
    Inu was the Jezebel operator, our Pilot was Cdr Hensen, Tacco was Lt Oman. Radio was "Toad" Surina.
    I was with the squadron for the first P3 deployment to Iwakuni and the second to Sangley Point.

  10. Clarence Frederick Howard Avatar
    Clarence Frederick Howard

    I first joined VP-40 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California in 1958, at that time they were flying the venerable P-5M1S. I was fresh out of AT"A" School in Memphis, Tenn. I eventually joined crew 10 as 2nd radio. My first radio operator was Tighe (I think I spelled it correctly). Imade my 1st transpac when the squadron transfered its home port to Naval Station Sangley Point, RP. We were certainly not the last to crew to dwepart NAS North Island for wetpac but we wer cetainly the last one to arrive at Sangley Point. We were between Midway and Johnson Island when we had to return to Midway to replace an engine. I went on to become a member of crew 4…and flew many many hours i various models of the P-5M

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      Are the the 1st radio we called Gitsy?? (spelling)
      I think you were either 1st or 2nd class AT.I was radioman on various crews. I do remember you.
      did you leave squadron around 1964-65 ?
      Do you remember Tom McClelland (Mac) he was a radioman AT2.?
      Give me a call
      Guy Fisk

  11. AEC Paul Heller Avatar
    AEC Paul Heller

    I was assigned duty in VP 40 in 1970 after 4 years in 31 as IFE.

  12. Bill "Willie" Sutton Avatar
    Bill "Willie" Sutton

    I served in VP40 (flew Ist Radio) from Oct 1957- June 1959, was AT3. I'd like to say hello to any of the "old timers" that may have remembered Bill "Willie" Sutton or the "Rose Garden" in Cavite City, PI. My 83 year old memory isn't what it once was so I don't remember a lot of the names, etc. from back in the day. After discharge in 59 returned to the PI and opened the Rosa Garden. Stayed a few years then returned to the States. Worked classified jobs for several companies (Sanders, Loral and Lockheed/Martin). Spent time in VN and the Sand Box for an interesting career. Retired from Lockheed in 98. Would like to hear from anyone that may be willing to email.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      You are welcome to join our group.
      I will email you membership form. fill out include dues and mail to me. I will then send you a current roster with names, address, phone, email etc.
      You are welcome to attend our reunions every 2 years. Next one is Oct 7-11,2020 in Jacksonville, FL.
      Guy Fisk

    2. edward mckinley Avatar
      edward mckinley

      Hi this is ed{mac}mckinley i served in vp 40 the same time you did i was an AE2 and was in f[ighf crew 6after discharge in 59 i returned to staten island ny and went back to schooj. i then became a banker and after 35 years retired 1995.inow spent the winters in florida and the summers in my with my family and grand children

  13. kirby V hamm Avatar
    kirby V hamm

    Kirby Hamm AOC Retired,
    I was in the squadron form 1962 – 1965. Following the transition from Sangley Pt. back to San Diego, I was reassigned to VP31 Det A. where I was part of the transition team for the P3A Aircratf. Flowing this tour I returned to VP-40 flowed by a short tour In VA-55 aboard the USS Hancock CVA19.My final tour was with the Commander Patrol Wing Pacific (CPWP} Where I retired Aug 1980. Continued my support of the P3 Program, while working for Lockheed Burbank Calif until I retired 2000. Now retired and enjoying a leisure life in northern Texas.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      glad to hear you are still among us…
      I hope you are well enough to attend the reunion in Oct.

  14. James L.Stull Avatar
    James L.Stull

    Guy I was a member and had misplaced my info. It is now found. I am also computer dumb so bear with me. I would like to rejoin I was at 1991 and 2014 reunion. I was in vp40 1965 to 1968. Please let me know what I need to know what to do to rejoin. I would really like to go to the Jax reunion.

  15. bb000 Avatar

    You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the best sites on the web.
    I will highly recommend this blog!

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      thank you, tell your friends to check it out.

  16. Kevin Williams YN3 Avatar

    James Hackney this is for you. This is Williams was in Ops/Trng Flights and Scheds. I do remember you along with others in tge Maint Dept.

    1. Kevin Williams Avatar
      Kevin Williams

      Still looking for James Hackney. Do you still live in Texas? If so I'm not far from Waco.

  17. James N, Hackney Avatar

    Looking for members of VP-40 at Moffat Field Naval Air Station during 1975-78.

    1. Mel Parila Avatar
      Mel Parila

      Hello James, Mel Parilla here sorry i lost you're number. here' s my Email melpari@yahoo.com

  18. Dennis McNicholas Avatar

    I was on that last flight in the pic of QE10.

    1. James Brown Avatar
      James Brown

      I was on that flight also, I was the panel operator nick name JIMBO I believe you were in ord. I believe you relieved Ron Parker when he got injured.

  19. Craig Olson Avatar

    Great Site! Laging Handa!

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