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5 responses to “E MAIL”

  1. Guy Fisk Avatar

    this will email Guy Fisk only
    If anyone would like a email address for vp40 let me know
    Guy Fisk

    1. ROY MCDERMID Avatar

      I believe I emailed to your VP-40 website earlier today. I have a very nice, original oil painting of a VP-40 P-5M Marlin done by M. Montero of Cavite City, PI. The painting is 30″ wide by 24″ tall with a 2 3/4″ wood frame and both are in excellent condition. I’m selling the painting and frame for $125 plus shipping. If you or anyone else in the P-5M community are interested please contact me at the below email address or you can phone me at 858-451-1925. I will be happy to send a photo of the painting if requested.

      Roy McDermid, USNR-Retired.

      1. Guy Fisk Avatar

        thanks for the picture. I will display it at all our reunions.

    2. JODY OLIVER Avatar

      Mr Fisk:I represent a soldier who served at Sangley from 1962 to 1964 suffering from all the agent orange symptoms . When you were on base? He repaired cleaned and maintained planes including those with sprayers for DDT and agent orange . Can you help him with an affidavit of what you know about the base and storage of agent orange at nearby naval yard? May i speak to you by telephone? Did you ever see nuclear waste stored or shipped out of the base? My cell is 5613080411 so if you can call me today i would appreciate it .

      1. Guy Fisk Avatar

        I talked to you a week or so ago, and I thought you were sending me documentation of Agent Orange in the P.I.
        I have not received anything.
        Also if you see George I would like to talk with him
        My em ail is
        phone (828)423-2106
        Guy Fisk
        Laging Handa

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