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This is where pictures, video, news articles, etc. will reside EXCEPT for the reunion pictures.

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  1. Clarence Howard Avatar
    Clarence Howard

    Fred Howard here. I am looking for anyone who was stationed in VP-40 as an aviation electronics technician
    during the period from 1959 through 1961. I was a flight crew member and served as 2nd radio and 1sat radio during that period.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      I knew you as (Gitsey)
      I was radioman also 63-67
      Do you remember (Mac) Tom McClelland?
      I have emailed you before about joining our group.
      Wen you join, I will send you our roster with names, phone, address, email address,
      We currently are just under 300 members from the seaplane era
      Guy Fisk
      Dues are $20/year.

  2. Joseph Mavilia Avatar

    I don’t recall the name but I was at Sangley Point PI Nov 59 to Jan 61
    It sounds like you were too.

  3. Charles (Chuck) Ross Avatar
    Charles (Chuck) Ross

    Like to hear from anyone who was in VP40 in the ’60-’61 years.. C R Ross, Pensacola, Fl

    1. Rick Dombrowski Avatar
      Rick Dombrowski

      Chuck, I was with the squadron at Sangley from ’59 to ’61. Was PC on QE 6,7 & 10. What was your rating?


  4. joseph Mavilia Avatar

    VP 40 Sangley Point, PI 1959 to 1961
    Looking forward to reunion in October 2012

  5. Guy Fisk Avatar

    I added a new Tab under this Heading. It is called News Articles. This is where newspapers and other media articles will be posted.
    check it out.

  6. Guy Fisk Avatar

    Thanks to David Fulcher for the pictures of Sangley Point
    can anyone else contribute?

  7. Guy Fisk Avatar

    If anyone has some 8 MM film or pictures from yesteryear that they would like to share here,
    please let me know and I will post it.

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