Sangley Point PI

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  1. Ronald Norton Avatar
    Ronald Norton

    Was 2nd. mech. Crew 3 1959 1960.

  2. Ernie Fillipucci Avatar
    Ernie Fillipucci

    I was in VP-40 during the 1970 deployment to Sangley Point. Was flying with crew 5 Buddha's Bombers. Made trips from Sangley to Guam Bangkok Thailand, Okinawa. Spent alot of time in the South China sea. Was an AO3 at the time. Mad the next 2 deployment with VP-40 to Naha and Iwikuni

    The year prior I was at Sangley Pt with VP-2 in the P-2.

  3. Pat Parson Avatar
    Pat Parson

    I was there 1969-1970. I sure do remember Cora's

  4. Donald E Loveless Avatar

    I was at Sangley in 1954 and witnessed a “patrol” plane take off at dusk when only the left JATO fired – turning the airborne plane into the fuel storage area at the right end of the runway!. Tremendous explosion and fire and I could feel the intense heat at about half mile down the runway. Very little of anything was found later. Anyone remember this devastating accident?

  5. nick adams Avatar
    nick adams

    anyone that was there in 1957-59 fasron119 remember the light house

    1. Sal Murgo Avatar
      Sal Murgo

      Nick, I was there from Nov. 57 thru Apr, 59. Cpl Sal Murgo, USMC, with Henry Hulse & Kenny Miller, Gunny Lucero & Alfred Campbell, to name a few…Sal.

  6. Jo Anarna Avatar
    Jo Anarna

    Do u happen to know the date when the first batch left Sangley Point? I’m just doing some research…thanks 🙂

    1. Jody Oliver Avatar


      1. Guy Fisk Avatar

        what are you talking about, yes We discuss Agent Orange in our group, in fact I do have Agent Orange diseases that I claim through the VA.

  7. Jim 'Doc' Dougherty (AMH-2) Avatar
    Jim ‘Doc’ Dougherty (AMH-2)

    I was in VP-40 from 1968-1970 @ Moffett Field. Made two cruises, Sangley Point & Iwakuni. Airframes Div. Know me?

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      I was gone before that.
      Anyone remember this VP40 sailor?
      If so please comment.

    2. Calvin Johnson Avatar
      Calvin Johnson

      Calvin Little John Johnson AO3 Crew 11
      I remember you Petty Officer Dougherty I hope you remained the great person that I knew you to be. Wishing you Smooth Sailing

      1. Tim Jefferson Avatar
        Tim Jefferson

        Calvin Johnson from the southern United States, very religious, one of few blacks from 1964-1966. If you are that person please reply. Do you remember Pedro from Pittsburgh?

  8. Skip Neatfeld Avatar
    Skip Neatfeld

    I used to spend some nights with Cora. Wow.. does that bring back some memories. I remember one night long after closing, some Huks pounded on the door downstairs, and I (in my matcho self) said I’d go down and find out what the hell they wanted. Cora said, stay up here… they want money..(protection money). If you go downstairs they will kill you. Pretty much got my attention. Cora’s prolly dead now. I guess prolly most everyone we knew overthere are gone by now. Remember the good, forget the bad.

  9. Guy Fisk Avatar

    anyone remember Cora’s Upscope in Cavite City?
    look for the picture here.

    1. Manuel Lopez Avatar
      Manuel Lopez

      Do I ever, and the Lucky Stars and all the other places I grew up in.

    2. Airdalechief Avatar

      Hell yes I remember it. Remember Ben the Rat?

      1. Guy Fisk Avatar

        Ben the rat…yes he watched over me in 1966,,made sure I did not get misused haha

    3. Pat Parson Avatar
      Pat Parson

      I was there 1969-1970. I sure do remember Cora's

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