Member Memories

This is where the memories and articles written by and about VP40 members.

I hope you will add your memories here as well.



Here is an article written by Allen Prevette about the 1960 rescue at sea by VP40 crew 4

1960 rescue


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  1. Thomas Prien Avatar

    Jack Weir- I have Parkinson's, and have been getting a run around from VA concerning my application for disability. Would you consider certifying a statement to The VA concerning potential exposure to agent orange.
    greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide.
    Thomas Prien AW2 // retired LCDR

  2. jack t. weir Avatar
    jack t. weir

    thanks for the post, a great squadron. co 1971-72. the Rain Makers

    1. Phillip Frank Avatar
      Phillip Frank

      Hello Kirby, Just read your post about having worked for Skunk Works after your retirement. I know it has been a couple years since your post but if you have time drop me a note via my email. May have something in common about those old days and Skunk Works. I was in VP-40 '66-'69.

  3. Kirby Hamm Avatar
    Kirby Hamm

    I was in VP-40 1962 – 1966 (SP-5B or if you prefer P-5M 2), then again 1975 – 1977 (P-3C). Have great memories of these times. Left (retired) the Navy Sept 1980, went to work for the Skunk Works (Lockheed) retired 2000.
    Kirby Hamm AOC – Retired

    1. GL (Dave) Wright Avatar
      GL (Dave) Wright

      AOC Hamm – I served under you in VP40 (75-77) at Moffett. I am trying to see if I’m able to attend the reunion in San Diego. If so I hope to see you, and I hope all is well with you and your family.

      AO2 Wright

    2. PHILLIP R FRANK Avatar

      Hello Kirby, Just read your post. I now its been a few years but noticed your comment about working for Skunk Works in 1980. Would love to hear from you as we may have something in common regarding that subject. If you have a chance contact me via my email. I was in VP-40 '66-'69. Hope to hear from you.
      Phil Frank

  4. Bill Grayson. Avatar

    I was in vp 40 twice,,right out of ao a school 56 to 58 and 61. To. 64 ,,last tour had family with me,,too many fond and sad crew relieved the fatal flight that lost all aboard,,flew into mountain,,on night sub search training mission..I remember the typhoon ,,lost plane in Okinawa, still have. Both cruise books,,,went on to serve in vo67. The ghost squadron..arc bill Grayson ret.

  5. Guy Fisk Avatar

    I received this message from Dave Fulcher, can anyone answer his question
    I was just wondering if anyone knew what happened to AE2 Rich Heffron (61-64) Crew-10. He got orders to FASOTRAGRUPAC, NAS North Island when he left
    VP-40. That’s when I lost track of him. Rich and I were High School buddies. When I got orders to NS Sangley Pt. AT Shop, Rich was in VP-40. He talked to his PPC, LCDR Wisenbaker, who got me transferred to the squadron. Not only that, I was put in Crew-10 with Rich and the following day we departed to Hong Kong for 5ive days R&R. What a deal!

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