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We now have a VP-40 challenge coin. It is very cool  and heavy. $15 each.

get them while they are available. They will be collectors items.



We now have T-Shirts, Hats, and Coffee cups with the VP40 P3C plane on them.

come and get em.



We have added a new T Shirt that has both P5M1 and P5M2 on front and all patches on back. In white or gray, $15 each.



We have added some more merchandise for you to purchase.

Different T-shirts and coffee cups are now available.



Our VP40 ShipsStore is up and running.

here it is.

These items can be ordered direct from our VP40 group. NO more 3rd party to pay.

You can look at the pictures/ prices  etc. of items for sale. This is active as of today 2/23/2013.

Bob Polk will be in charge of ordering/ shipping  and handling the merchandise. If you are a member of this group his address/phone etc. are in the roster.

here is his VP40 email


If you have any other questions please  call or email me.

Guy Fisk


This is the official ? VP40 Navy store

You can order from this site also. 40



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