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2020 Reunion @ Jacksonville, FL

2020 Reunion @ Jacksonville, FL

October 7-22, 2020 REUNION
This will be the place to find out about the 2020 Reunion. It will be updated as needed.

It will contain the itinerary, prices, hotel info, Roster of people who are attending, etc.

 2020 reunion registration and meals form

VP40 REUNION 2020 Info

If you cannot print these out, let me know and I will send them in PDF format

Guy Fisk   OR

phone #s  home  (828)483-6422)    cell (828)423-2106 

UPDATE 3-27-2020

The hotel is closed  as of today because of the COVID-19 virus. I cannot finalize our prices , but the hotel will remain the same $130/night plus tax. I am publishing the registration form and the information document for you to review. It may change but for now I am assuming the reunion WILL take place on 10/7/11/20. If I have to delay or cancel it I will get the word ASAP. Do not sent me the money for registration yet. Hopefully we will survive this and return to normal soon. The forms are in hyperlink in BOLD at the top part of this page. 

IT WILL HELP ME IF YOU WILL COMMENT TO ME HERE. EMAIL ME, OR CALL ME. I can negotiate better with valid numbers of attendees


UPDATE 3-13-2020

I have selected a hotel for our reunion. (at least 95%) sure.

We are still negotiating some issues but I think it will work out. 

I have stayed there many times and it very nice and they offer free shuttles to downtown St. Augustine 3 times a day.

here is the link for it.

here is a flyover video of the resort

I will set up a special website for you to book your rooms direct.

there is the World Golf Hall of Fame, and IMAX theatre, 2 golf courses on the campus.

Our rates will be $130 plus tax /night.

I will be posting the registration forms and info here in the near future.

I would like to receive an email ASAP if you ( head count ) are planning to attend.


Wednesday will be a welcome reception in the Ready Room @ 1700 hrs.

THURSDAY  There will be a cookout outside in the early evening.

FRIDAY I have arranged for us to travel to NAS JAX to VP30 on Friday 10/ 9/20.

Between 1400 and 1700 hrs we can use the flight simulators, view the planes, and we will receive a reception from the skipper.

SATURDAY dinner and pictures in the evening.

I highly recommend you visit the Golf Hall of Fame. Even if you do not golf it  is a visit I promise you will remember.

I am trying to get discounted tickets for it and also the IMAX theater.

Stay tuned for that and more to come as I receive it.

We are losing more member every month, so I hope you can make this reunion and unite with your shipmates/ friends while

we are still healthy enough to enjoy it.

IF you have pictures or other memorabilia ( model planes etc.) please bring them. We wil display them if you want.

WE have a lot of pictures, cruisebooks, books  etc. that will be on display.

We will also be selling VP40 hats, shirts, challenge coins , patches, pins etc.




Guy Fisk