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Cavite City P.I.

pictures of Cavite City from the past and the present

 and some video’s for you

 a little change from the 1950/60’s huh

NOT the Danny’s Place I remember !!!!!

where is the Balut’s ???

road to Cavite City 2009

Cavite City 2010

 RegaDancer since 1960s, What is her name ????

Espiritu Barangay, Cavite City, Philippines

and finally the Cavite City we remember

7 Responses to Cavite City P.I.

  1. Lester Dominiak

    I was lucky to be stationed there, NAS Sangley Pt. in 1968 with Patrol Squadron 49 (VP-49). Many great memories for a 19 year old flying as 2nd. mech. on Crew 10 !! Rotated between Sangley and Utapau, Thailand !!

  2. Orland Cabcabin

    Was there a U.S. Army post in Cavite City during the Korean War?
    Anyone out there know John Campbell Jr., U.S. Army
    He’s my wife’s father who list his life during the Korean war.

  3. Don kaiser

    Don Kaiser I was there 59 to 61 anybody remember the Marie Tez bar

  4. alan moore

    O how i loved the PI and cavite city I was stationed there in 1964 with vp47 this was my last trip with the p5m program. I would like to go back for a visit but at 75 i dont see that happening god bless our memories ams1 ret-usn.

  5. Diego Martin

    Cavite City is where i have beautiful memories. I wish i could go back and experienced it all over again.

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