1940’s Era

Here are some photo’s and the legend that explains the photos from the 1940’s ERA of VP40 which was known as VP-MS-10 on 11/10/46.

It wasn’t VP40 until 9/1/1948, disestablished 1/25/1950, then reestablished as Patrol Squadron Forty (VP40) on 1/20/1951

1947-48 picture legend

Thanks go out to Howard Stephens (AL3 46-49) for these pictures.

UPDATE 6/24/2016

I added some pictures today from Bob Maley. also here is  some info about him. sent from his son Steve Maley.

I just found your website today, just in time for Father’s Day. My dad, Robert Maley, was an ARM3 in VP-40 during the Korean War, having been called up from the reserves (he is a WWII vet also).

Bob is 91 but still active in correspondence via email. I’ve sent him your link and I’m sure he will spend hours studying every picture. I recently scanned some of his slides and I’m sure that, with his permission I’ll be sending them to you soon. (Are there instructions for that?)

A historical note: Dad designed the “bee” patch. Won $15 in a contest.
The Bee patch is a scan of the actual embroidered patch, vintage 1951.

The personnel in the first VP40 were a patchwork quilt of left-overs from WW2, reserves and recruits from reserve units who had never seen Boot Camp.  The Pilot in our crew was a ‘Mustang’ from WW2 with PBY experience.  Our skipper was Cdr. V. Utgoff with PBY experience in the South Pacific.  Our PBM 5 Mariners were of WW2 vintage, but our greatest asset was experience gained in WW2.

I invited Steve and his father to attend our reunion and join our group. Hopefully they will, he can fill in a lot of blanks about our squadron.



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  1. Howard Stephens Avatar
    Howard Stephens

    Just a matter of info: The last two photos are of the Squadron VPMS-10 (which preceded VP-40) taken on the ramp at Coco Solo, Canal Zone and CA-6 on which I served as first Radio and Radar. Wonder if Bob Stangler is still with us? Howard Stephens (age 88, quit flying at age 80. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Thanks Howard Stephens

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