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Wings Over Pensacola!  100 years of Naval Aviation  youtube video’s of Naval Aviation.

there are  12 different videos, watch them all, a history of Naval Aviation in Pensacola for you. Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Parts 5 & 6 – Parts 7 & 8 – Parts 9 & 10 – Parts 11 & 12


 here are some more video’s on our site
Advanced Seaplane Base Buckner Bay

Cam Ranh Bay-Naval Air Facility Cam Ranh Bay

Sangley Point Airfield TODAY Sangley Point Airfield

U.S.S Salisbury Sound USS Salisbury Sound

Blue Angels Hi Def Blue Angels

Cavite City Cavite City-Our Town

Cavite City Cavite City-Latest News 2012

Manila Nostalgic city of Manila

Manila Manila 1960s

Manila Manila not so long ago

Olongapa Olongapo Now and Then

Angel Flight Angel Flight


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  1. Guy Fisk Avatar

    thanks to Fred Tuebeville for sending me the youtube videos of Naval Aviation in Pensacola.
    if you are able, watch them in HD. (720P or 1080P) great video.

  2. Guy Fisk Avatar

    I have revised the video’s so they will play if you are using Inernet Explorer as your browser. Otherwise you must have a player that will support MP4 files. If you have problems let me know
    Guy Fisk

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