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Misc Photo’s

This is a bunch of photo’s that were taken at various places and times

ENJOY and if you can identify any people in them, place make a comment

here so other folks can enjoy also


Guy Fisk

10 Responses to Misc Photo’s

  1. Guy Fisk

    check out the photo of Jim Barr’s license plate on his pick-up
    cool cool cool

  2. Al Beland

    What a find on Memorial Day weekend! Sure brought back memories to this “Swiss cheese” memory of mine. I served with VP-40 and deployed in ’65 and ’66, separating in Feb. of ’67. Flight crews 12 and 1. As I looked at the pictures, I wondered; did we EVER look that young?
    Thanks to all of you for keeping this site up. Kinda’ makes me smile – a lot.
    Al Beland

    • Guy Fisk

      Join our group, come to the reunion and see what we look like now. You can decide better or worse…

  3. Guy Fisk

    This email was sent to me by Tony Lazzaretti.
    Jim Staes and I with our wives spent a few days vacationing in San Francisco at the Marine Corps Memorial Hotel. While there, we ran into 6 VP-40ers from about the ’56 era having a reunion of their own.They looked great and ready to launch down the seaplane ramp and do it all again.
    There are 2 photos attached. In the one of us standing, Staes is on the left and I am on the right. The rest (not necessarily in order) are Hal Pepper, Adam Komisarcik, Bill Bettis, Charles Wirth, Orin Testa and Bob Collins. The group photo would look great in the next newsletter.
    Jim and I really enjoyed talking to them!
    Tony Lazzaretti

    I posted these pictures on this tab. right now they are on page 2. If someone can correct the names with the place on the picture please do so.

  4. Guy Fisk

    I posted some pictures of the P8a. these pictures were taken in 2012. They are form VP30, stationed in NAS JAX.

  5. Guy Fisk

    Today I posted a couple of pix I received from Frank Beaman. They are from 1942.
    A great picture of the entire squadron in 8/1942, and a picture of Skipper Jack Clinton in 1942.

  6. Shel goodman

    Does anyone remember when the JO’s took the door off Bill Coynes office?

  7. Guy Fisk

    I just received a couple of pictures from Bill Coyne (LCDR 67-69)
    This is crew 6 in the P3V era. The radiomans correct name is G. G. Lawerence.
    they are on page 3
    Guy Fisk

  8. Guy Fisk

    thanks to Bruce Barth for a lot of these photo’s

    • Phillip Frank

      I just discovered this site and I do know about some of these photos. Please let me know how to contact you via email, telephone or which ever you prefer. I was with VP-40 from 1966 until I left the service in June 1969. Was in Crew 3 and it was a wonderful part of my life. Hope to hear from you.
      Phillip Frank
      ATR2 Crew 3
      Julie/ECM Operator

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