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2016 reunion @ San Diego, CA



The 2016 was a Resounding success………….It was sunny warm and dry. (as usual in San Diego).

We ate a lot, talked a lot, laughed a lot and generally enjoyed each others company.(As far as I am told)

If you missed it try and catch the next one, which by the way will be in Sept 2018 in the

City of Country Music  NASHVILLE, TN.

there will be some pickin and grinnin for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had 108 people who attended the 2016 reunion. Some familiar faces and some new faces as well.

I have started posting some pictures taken there  on a sub page of this page.

If ANYONE has pictures/videos/ stories to contribute from the reunion please send them to me and I will publish them here.

We voted to continue to hold bi annual reunions for now.






It has been voted on and decided the 2016 VP40 reunion will be held in San Diego, CA.
The dates are:
START Weds-10/5/2016
END Sunday -10/9/2016
4875 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
Tel (619) 224-3621 or (800) 662-8899

We voted at the last reunion to now include ALL former and current VP40 folks, not just seaplane era. This means that P3V and soon P8A people may join our group. We welcome you and I am sure you will enjoy our reunions and our company…..We do know a few sea stories also.Here is The document concerning the room rates and event schedule. The schedule might change but the dates and room rates will NOT.

Here is the Registration Form to complete and mail back to me.

registration and meals 2016 reunion form

Here is the FINAL Reunion Agenda Information on the reunion.

Here is the Reunion Roster to date


It is in Word 2003 format. If you cannot open it let me know

be there or be square


UPDATE 9/30/2016
I have been informed that VP30 cannot fly a P8a out to San Diego for our reunion.
The budget is to tight and it is end of the year for the Feds.
Maybe for the next reunion. Hopefully VP40 will have the birds by then and can accommodate us.

UPDATE 9/19/2016

We will have the Samahan Philippine Dance Group perform

after our dinner Friday night. They will perform different dances in the appropriate costumes.


UPDATE 9/02/2016

Time is getting close and I for one am getting excited to see you all again.

We will have some new people attend and some of the old ones also.

We will renew old friendships, swap a few sea stories, drink a little hooch, eat a lot, and have a GREAT time.
If you miss it shame on you……

So far 84 people have signed up, you need to do it NOW if you have not.

Remember you have to make your own hotel reservations.

see you there



UPDATE 7/28/2016

Reunion members have been invited by Bob Collins  on Saturday  Oct 8, to meet  for lunch at the San Diego Yacht Club at 11:30.

Bob is a member and has extended an open invitation to us all, members and wives. It is a short ride from the hotel and I will see if they can provide transportation for anyone that needs it.

We would like to get a head count before the reunion from anyone that will attend, I will also have a signup sheet at the desk when you arrive at the Ready Room.

see you all there



UPDATE 3/1/2016

WE will have a guest speaker on Friday @ 1:00

He is Mr. David Brauhn, David has written 3 books about Navy ships and is just finishing his 4th. “Eyes of the Fleet” this one is

about the history of Seaplane Tenders in the US Navy. He will bring some autographed books with him.

As ALL of us VP40 people have experience working with at least 1 Tender, it should be a nice little slice of memories for us.

(well maybe not NICE, but at least we will have memories of them).

The session  will be in our Ready Room on Friday and is open to everyone. If anyone has a model of a seaplane tender please consider bringing it.

I gave one away at our last San Diego reunion, I do not remember who got it but hopefully he put it together. I do have 1 more of the

USS PINE ISLAND  AV12. I will try and have it built before the reunion if so I will bring it for display.


UPDATE 3/19/2016

I posted the reunion roster as of today. This list is people who have sent me their registration form and paid.

I will up date this list at least monthly until the reunion. If you are wondering who will attend this is the doc to look at.


We will have some special guests attending this reunion. Melba Meek and her sister Liz and another guest will attend. Melba and her sister owned a bar in

Cavite City in the 1960s. It was called the THE LITTLE ROSE and  she renamed it “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT”. It was on the corner next to the HITCHING POST

before you went in to the main gate on Sangley Point.  I will post a picture of her in the 60’s section of pictures etc. TAB.

We should have some good talks remembering the good ole days (and nights).




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