1950’s Era

Here are photo’s and video’s of the 1950’s Era planes and people

If anyone knows the names of these people or places, please comment so other folks can remember them as well

I received a packet today from Joe Blackmon,that contained some pictures from 1952 and a presentation booklet of the Navy’s 1st delivery of
the P5M-1 to VP40 on April 30, 1953, It is in PDF format.
P5M-1 VP40 delivery
Here is also an Itinerary page of the event as well
Itinerary P5M-1 delivery

Here is a letter from Fred Sindlinger that explains some of the nice color pictures he sent me that are posted here also.

VP40 Iwakuni Japan 1951

UPDATE 6/24/2016

I added some pictures today from Bob Maley. also here is  some info about him. sent from his son Steve Maley.

I just found your website today, just in time for Father’s Day. My dad, Robert Maley, was an ARM3 in VP-40 during the Korean War, having been called up from the reserves (he is a WWII vet also).

Bob is 91 but still active in correspondence via email. I’ve sent him your link and I’m sure he will spend hours studying every picture. I recently scanned some of his slides and I’m sure that, with his permission I’ll be sending them to you soon. (Are there instructions for that?)

A historical note: Dad designed the “bee” patch. Won $15 in a contest.
The Bee patch is a scan of the actual embroidered patch, vintage 1951.

The personnel in the first VP40 were a patchwork quilt of left-overs from WW2, reserves and recruits from reserve units who had never seen Boot Camp.  The Pilot in our crew was a ‘Mustang’ from WW2 with PBY experience.  Our skipper was Cdr. V. Utgoff with PBY experience in the South Pacific.  Our PBM 5 Mariners were of WW2 vintage, but our greatest asset was experience gained in WW2.

I invited Steve and his father to attend our reunion and join our group. Hopefully they will, he can fill in a lot of blanks about our squadron.

Robert has joined our group today 6/24/2016. WELCOME ABOARD Bob


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  1. Amy Treend Avatar
    Amy Treend

    My Dad, Richard Cassis was CREW 12. He is now 88 years old and in good health. There is a You Tube video of the 12 Seaplane.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      thank you for your input. can you send me the link to the YouTube video?
      Guy Fisk

      1. Amy Treend Avatar
        Amy Treend


        1. Guy Fisk Avatar

          tell me more, can you share it sell it ????

  2. Robert Buswell AMCM (USN Ret.) Avatar
    Robert Buswell AMCM (USN Ret.)

    Picture #15 are not VP40 aircraft.They are UF-1s,BuNo 141267 and 141277 from Air Ops Sangley SAR. I flew as crew in the far one marked 267.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      thanks for the correction Robert

  3. Guy Fisk Avatar

    I received some pictures from Joe Blackmon this week. I have posted them as 1 picture. (5 pictures)
    They are from 1952
    thanks Joe

  4. Guy Fisk Avatar

    I posted 17 pictures today that I received from Allan Prevette. These pictures are from the 1959/1960 ERA. The names are included with them.
    thank you Allen

  5. Guy Fisk Avatar

    11 new photos submitted by Bob Harvey and posted here on 9/1/12,

  6. Don Mallon Avatar
    Don Mallon

    The 1950’s era, Second aircraft crew picture, with P5M #8 in the background.

  7. Don Mallon Avatar
    Don Mallon

    That was Bud Bozzuto. Bud and I started flight school together in Mar. 1952,received out commissions the same day and were roomates on two Sangley Point tours, 1955 & 1956. I was with “Charlie Able 4” and, at that time Lt(jg) Don Mallon, Co-pilot.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      What picture are you refering to Don?

  8. Guy Fisk Avatar

    comment on picture titled VP-40 Crew 7 1959-1961:
    VP-40 Crew 7 “…VP-40 NS Sangley Point, Philippines – Photo taken between 1959-10/1961. Possibly Crew 7. Back Row Middle: LTjg Donald Stebbins. Some of the others in the picture could be: David Weber (aircrew), LTjg William Westlake , LTjg Jay Josselyn , Don Ditch (radar), and Dumbrowski (plane captain). Perhaps someone can help me identify the other crewmembers?…” Contributed by STEBBINS, LCDR Donald J. c/o His Son Craig Stebbins castebbins@hotmail.com [25OCT2002] vpnavy.org
    CAN ANYONE clear up the year this picture was taken?

  9. Guy Fisk Avatar

    comment on picture titled VP-40 Crew 8 1955:
    VP-40, Crew 8, “Charlie Able 8″. The photo was taken in August of 1955 at NS Sangley Point, Philippines. It amazes me that after 50 years I can still remember each of these guys names. The aircraft is a P5M-1…Front row from left to right. Lt(jg) Bazzuto, Co-pilot, Lt (LCDR) Lamert PPC, Lt(jg) Inman, Lt(jg) Myrick. Back row, left to right. Kaiser, AL2 1st radio, Thurmond AO3, Byser AD1 Plane capt., Buesking AM3, Endy AT3 2nd radio. Two other members of the crew were not present for the photo, Booth AT2 radar, Baumgartner AT3 ECM…” Contributed by ENDY, AT3 Thomas H. tendy@socal.rr.com [23MAY2005] vpnavy.org

  10. Guy Fisk Avatar

    comment on picture titled VP-40 Crew 12 1952:
    VP-40 Crew 12, circa 1952…Standing Left to Right: LT Foote (Pilot), LTjg Lewis (Co-Pilot), ENS Sundburf (Navigator), Neilson (Plane Captain), Yount (1st Ordnance and Waist gunner), Cox (1st Mechanic and Waist Gunner), and White (1st Radio) Front Row: Wietzel (Radar), Hyman (2nd Mechanic), Ferguson (Stru Mechanic and Tail Gunner), Cassis (2nd Ordnance and Bow Gunner), and Rogers (2nd Radio)…” Contributed by Dick Ferguson [07MAR2000] vpnavy.org

  11. Guy Fisk Avatar

    Thanks to Joe Mavilia for the pictures of all 12 crews 1959-1960. I posted them here today 5/28/12

  12. Guy Fisk Avatar

    thanks to George Karres for some of these pictures. Can anyone identify some of these sailors?

    1. RON WARRICK Avatar

      I WAS IN VP40 ,1959 1960 AO2

  13. Ed Hyman Avatar
    Ed Hyman

    In the 1950’s era, third photo from the left, I was in crew 12 at that time, as 2nd mech.
    In the photo, from top to bottom: sitting in the hatch was 1st radioman White. At the top of he ladder D.B Neilson, plane captain. On the ladder, radar operator Witzel, bottom of the ladder 2nd radioman Rogers.

    This photo may have been taken at NAS Sangley Point, Cavite, P.I. on an early deployment probably 1951.

    regards to any of the old timers still with us, Ed Hyman

  14. ROBERT FOSS Avatar

    CREW 12 (1952-1953)

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