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VP 40 Challenge Coin

We are now offering a VP 40 challenge coin. 

It will become a collectors item, so get them while they are available.

We had them at our last reunion and they are now available to all for $15 each plus shipping.

It is on our merchandise page,. here is link to it


they are bright and heavy.


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Happy Veterans Day 2018

Veterans Day 

Did you know: 

Veteran’s Day (also known as Armistice Day) was originally created to recognize the end of World War 1. This Veteran’s Day 11/11/2018 marks the 100 anniversary of the armistice,

or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the warring nations that ended World War 1 that went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.



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Mike Kane

Mike was finally laid to rest with a military funeral. 10/15/2018

He is buried at the former Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines.

RIP my friend.

I will get video of it and post it on this site 

Guy Fisk

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Reunion Pictures


I added some more pictures to our 2018 Reunion tab, check them out. A LOT more to post up but I will get er done



ere are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite until I post the remaining ones.

These were taken on the General Jackson riverboat cruise on Saturday 9/8/18


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2018 Reunion is Finished

We had our 2018 Reunion in Nashville, TN 9/5-9/9/2018

It is over, and from what I have heard everyone had a great time. The tours were delightfull,

I think Nashville was a good change of pace from San Diego and Pensacola.

but I must say we did not drink the amount of beer or booze that we did at the past reunions.

Partly because we were to busy on tours and partly because we are getting OLDER……

We even shut down the Ready Room earlier than usual. 

We did receive some bad news during this time.. Mike Kane passed away Thursday from a heart attack. He was living in the Philippines.

If I receive an OBIT I will publish it here.

We voted and our next reunion in 2020 will be held in Jacksonville, FL.

I will move it back to October for that one. 

I will post pictures from the reunion in the REUNION TAB 2018 on this site, hopefully next week, I will leave a post when available.

If anyone took pictures and they want to share them, PLEASE email them to me, either to: 

ggfisk@vp40 OR ggfisk@charter.net  I will put them on the site.

If anyone has comments about the reunion please leave them on the 2018 Reunion TAB for all to enjoy.

I hope everyone made it home safe and sound. 

See ya all in JAX (Good Lord willing and the creek don’t  rise)

Guy Fisk

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2018 Reunion

This is an answer to the phone calls I have received

The Uniform of the Day is:

every day EXCEPT for Sat night dinner/pictures is causal, I expect it to be HOT in Nashville

For Sat night pictures and dinner long pants jacket tie if desired.

see ya there

We now have 89 attendees.

I wil depart for Nashville Tues AM,

my cell phone # is (828)423-2106

I can be reached on it…please leave a message if dnecessary


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2018 Reunion

The time is almost here for the 2018 Reunion.

I hope to see you all there.

I am still planning on having a P8A flyin on Friday 7/7 for us to tour.

I have an old Navy/FAA friend who has his own winery and he has graciously decided to provide his Wine with our VP40 labels on it.

They should be collector items, so be sure to come and try it.

I have created a Challenge Coin for VP40, They will be for sale at the reunion. These will be a must have for all VP40 people.

I have posted the FINAL Attendee list on the 2018 REUNION tab on this site. 

I have hired a music group to perform for the  Sat night dinner and after. They will also be in the Ready Room Thurs night.

Be sure to bring your “dancin shoes” or Boots

Any questions contact me

 (828)423-2106 or ggfisk@vp40.com


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I am waiting to verify if VP30 will be able to bring a P8A, which is the P3 replacement to our reunion for a tour for us.

I am asking for it on Friday 9/7/18, It will be at the airport BNA and sometime around noon. I will post it here if it is a go.

We stil have some people who have NOT made their hotel reservations, and NOT returned their registration forms back to me..

IT is time to “shit or get off the pot” as my grandpa used to say.

If you do not get this done by July 30 you will probably not get to go to the events planned and will have to pay more for rooms if even available.

I also have a good friend that is making us wine from his winery in Houston with our VP40 logo labels on them. A great keepsake….

see ya there

Guy Fisk

(828)505-8013 or (828)423-2106



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July 4th 2018


Remember why we celebrate this day ?

The founding of the greatest country ever, under the Constitution of the United States of America



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I am please to announce a new member to our group.

Neal Freeman was a PNSN while in VP40 from 12/57 to 9/58

Please welcome Neal to our group. He added this comment:

I was 17 when I arrived at Sangley Point,  and I knew it all at that point- grew up that year.

Neal I think that could be said of a LOT of our members. The NAVY will do that for you.

That is one reason I am in favor of reinstating the DRAFT for ALL young men and  women.

Guy Fisk


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