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Pictures from the Past

I recently received pictures from Melba Meeks. She was owner of “The Little Rose”

in Cavite City. Here is a picture of Melba and her sister Elizabeth taken in the old days. (60’s).

They are in the 60’s tab under PICTURES VIDEO & More TAB

If you remember them leave a comment.

They will be at our next reunion.


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New Pictures

I added some pictures I recently found I had from a few years ago  (the 60’s)

they can be found on the PICTURES, VIDEO’s and MORE TAB under the 60’s ERA

look at pages 5 and 6.  If anyone has names please let me know.

enjoy them


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187 Days

That’s ALL the time we have left until we are joining our friends at our VP40 reunion.

Do not be left out. Make your reservations now…l

see you all there


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Welcome our newest member


I am very glad to announce I have finally tracked down someone I have been looking for for 12 years.

Tomas A. McClelland (MAC) He was in VP40 from 1961-1964. He was an AX2, in my crew 7 and 1.

He got out of VP40 and the Navy and joined the Army and made a career of it. He resides in Texas now and he plans on attending the reunion in San Diego.

I look forward to seeing him and relieving the good old days/nights. His info is on our MEMBERS ONLY section of this web site.

Check it out and give him a shout if you remember him. I remember some great times with him in CORA’s UPSCOPE among other places.




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former VP40 sailor passing

I received an email from HARRY BOUND today that stated

that he had received news from Sandy Partridge that her husband

DAVID H. PARTRIDGE passed away March 21,2016.

DAvid was not a member of our group BUT he was a former member of VP40 .

This is the only info I have , Davie was an ATR2 while in VP40 from 1961-1963.

I  do not have any more info on David, I am sorry to hear of his passing.


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New Member

I am pleased to welcome a new member to our group

Dick Wilcox, brother of Harry Wilcox (who is a member of our group)

Dick served in VP40 from 1958-1961.

He was an AE2 and was in crew 1.


We hope to see you at the reunion in Oct in San Diego


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Vietnam Welcome Home

I received this via email.

If you live in the area you might want to attend.


The Museum of Military History would like to present the following Public Service Announcement:

Veterans Tribute and Museum of Osceola County, Inc. DBA: Museum of Military History celebrates

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

In 2011 the United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution that provided Vietnam Veterans the chance of receiving a proper welcome home. Recognizing the final withdrawal date of all combat and combat-support troops from Vietnam, March 30 honors these veterans by its designation as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.”

In support of this special day, the Museum of Military History will be hosting a Vietnam Veterans Tribute Ceremony. All VVA Chapter 755 members and Vietnam Veterans are encouraged to attend. We also hope to see any other veterans as well as all veteran supporters attend as we honor and remember the service and sacrifice of those that served.

Our Honorary Guest Speakers include Gary Baura, Command Sergeant Major US Army Special Forces (Ret.) who participated in the only battalion sized combat jump of the war while serving with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Also speaking will be Vinh Dao, Colonel Vietnam Air Force who served as an officer and pilot from 1964 up until the fall of Saigon in April, 1975.

Admission to the museum will be free for all Vietnam Veterans and 25% off for all other visitors. Any Vietnam Veteran in attendance will receive a 50th Anniversary Commemorative Pin. Museum Memberships will be reduced to $25 for one day only. Memberships are VITAL to the life of our museum and ensure we keep the doors open to educate our visitors and our community that the true cost of freedom has been paid through the service and sacrifice of its nation’s veterans.

Any veteran or other organization that would like to attend can reserve a space by calling the museum at 407-507-3894. Food and drinks will be available in the parking lot.

Donations, individual and corporate memberships, and sponsorships are available to help support the museum, a 501(c) 3 organization. For further information, contact the museum at 407-507-3894.

This event will be attended by professionals and public servants from all over Central Florida. We look forward to your participation and attendance.

Rick Brumby


Museum of Military History

5210 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy.

Kissimmee, FL 34746



407-507-3895 Work

407-414-4334 Cell


BTW I have visited this museum and they have an extensive number of items to view and very informative tour guides.

Guy Fisk

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Agent Orange

I posted an update on the Agent Orange tab today.

There is a link to the VietNam Vets website that contains a lot of agent orange info.

check it out and good luck with collecting VA benefits.


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Lost Members

I have had  3 newsletter package returned to me from the 2/2016 mailings  as undeliverable.

There may be more to come.

If anyone can help with updates to the following please send to me and I will post them

Bob Hook  —ABU 3    1957-1961          —         PROBLEM SOLVED   Lyle Groshel informed me that Bob passed away in 2/2011 (as I had posted before,,must of had a senior moment !!!!)

Michael Wood –AE1 1965-1969

Glenn McCormac —AM@ 1953-1955

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JImmy Gard

I have been informed that Jim Gard passed away in Feb. 2015. He was an AT3 while in VP40

from 1959-1960. I do not have any other information. If anyone does please forward it to me and I will post it.


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