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VP40 SEAPLANE ERA squadron site

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Breaking News

It was voted on at our last reunion and I am pleased to announce that our VP40 (seaplane era) group is now accepting members from the P3 era also. It is about time as us seaplane sailors are geting a little old and haggard. (well some of us).
So if you are a former member or a current member of VP40 (PATRON 40) , you are welcome to join our group. With that you will receive our roster and access to our web site member pages, along with the newsletters and will be welcome to attend our reunions. Our current dues are $20 for 2 years.

here is the form to apply for membership
VP-40 Application 2015

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Merry Christmas

have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a


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Reunion Pictures

I have posted a lot of pictures from our 2014 reunion on our site. look under the
REUNIONS/2014 reunion @ Pensacola, FL/Pictures from 2014 Reunion TAB


I will be posting videos from the book signing we had there. He gave me some videos from the Currituck and also VP40 in View Nam.

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well it is that time of year again.
Time for the annual arse whipping of Army………………
Go Navy

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Web Site Fixed

I have fixed our web site. I am now able to post some of the pictures from our 2014 reunion. Look under REUNIONS/2014 Reunion @ Pensacola FL. TAB.
I will be adding more in the near future so be sure to check often. Also did you know that the GROUP Pictures are available direct from the photo studio. Here is the link to his site.
I will be posting info about our 2016 Reunion soon.

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Our web site is having problems with showing pictures.

I am working to resolve this problem. I will post the 2014 reunion pictures and video when it is fixed.

Also I have not done much since the reunion as I am very busy working with the Federal Gov. Annual requirements from me. I am also dealing with family health issues. I will get caught up soon.

Guy Fisk


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14 Reunion Pictures

Here is the web site for you to preview and order the group photos from the reunion in Pensacola this year.
You can order your pictures direct from this site and he will mail them to you.
Price is $20 for 8 X 10
and $8 for 5 X 7


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2016 Reunion Site

Those members who attended the 2014 reunion voted while there and it was decided that the 2016 reunion site will be
San Diego, CA. probably in October but I do not have the exact dates yet.

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Reunion over

I am back home from the 2014 Reunion. Judging by the comments everyone had a GREAT time.
The Hotel was great, and the rekindling of past friends was great.
I heard a few stories I had not heard before.
I will start posting pictures etc. up here this weekend.
VP30 did fly a P8-A over and we got to tour the inside and take pictures of it.
A litle different than the P5 and a hell of a lot cleaner……
If you were unable to attend you missed a good one. Hope you can make the next one, which BTW will be
at San Diego in Oct 2016. I will post the date when it is firmed up.
see ya all there

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Hello Pensacola

I will be arriving in Pensacola tomorrow, so this will be the final
head count for the reunion.
We have 81 members and 133 total people attending the reunion this year.
GREAT turn out.
WE will have a ball and I feel bad for those who could not make it for one reason or another.
I will have pictures , stories etc. to post when I get back home.

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