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Amazing Tales of SR-71

Here is a video from SR-71 pilot Col. Buzz Carpenter as he recounts the aircrafts
power and majestry. Not a Navy aircraft but pretty impressive anyway.

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More news about Bill Bettis

I received this info from Hal Peper yesterday.
Had a good session with Wilbur. Physical therapy is getting strength back. He did get out of bed to greet me? We carried on a good conversation, until he suddenly started talking about the cellar door resturants which was back in Houston in 1960. He went on about names of people who had reservations tonight,sister Trish said you mean Nieuport 17 don’t you.? He didn’t seem to recognize Nieuport . However progress is slow but moving in the right direction.
Here is the picture to go along with it.
Hal and Bill 8-17-14

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Bill (Wilbur) Bettis

I received an email from Hal Peper concerning our vp40 friend and member Bill (Wilbur) Bettis.
here is the email
Had a great day today. Joan and I met Wilbur’s sister Trish And her husband Pat at Wilbur’s new care home.He is suffering from a brain virus which may be West Nile. Unfortunately there is no positive cure it must run it’s course. So those of you who believe in prayer keep praying. This is the best I’ve seen him. He had moments of alertness and then falls asleep.Guess only time will tell.We give your updates and we will continue to brief you. HAl
He also sent a picture of the two of them. here it is also:

Bill Bettis & Hal Peper 8-2014

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VP40 New Members

OK folks, here is the way it is as of today 8/11/2014.
If you look under the Arrivals & Departures TAB
You will notice that since I started as the chairman of this group,
we have had 37 new members (arrivals)
we have also had 37 deaths (departures)
That is what I call a wash. This is good but I know we can do better !!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are a LOT of former VP40 people who DO NOT belong now, and or have never joined our group.
I am requesting that EVERYONE who is a member of this group join in contacting as many former shipmates as they can.
If you know of anyone who does not belong to our group and you are in touch with them, ask them to consider joining our group.
If this does not happen I am sure our balance sheet (Arrival & Departure TAB) will start being lopsided on the DEPARTURE side.
Lets see how many new members we can sign up before our upcoming reunion. You might even renew a long lost friendship or two.
thanks in advance.
Guy Fisk

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2014 Reunion

I have updated the reunion roster today. look under REUNIONS/2014 Reunion @ Pensacola. FL TAB
It is in Word format. If anyone cannot open it let me know.
AS of today we have 87 members/guests who have paid and returned the registration forms to me.
We have another 56 members/guests who indicatd they would be attending BUT HAVE NOT paid/returned their registration forms to me.
TIME IS GETTING CLOSE, less than 60 days remaining until the PARTY starts.
For those of you who are planning/wishing/hoping/praying/planning on attending this FUN event,
Now is the time to send me the forms and MAKE your hotel reservations.
SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy Fisk
be there or be square

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John Fetros

I was informed that John Fetros passed away on May 19,2014.
John was a YN3 while in VP40 from 1956-1957. I did not receive any information about his death other than this.

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Aviation History -Blue Angels

Here is a great youtube video of the history of the Blue Angels

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VP40 receives 1st P5M-1

I received a packet last weekend from Joe Blackmon,that contained a presentation booklet of the Navy’s 1st delivery of
the P5M-1 to VP40 on April 30, 1953.
look under the Pictures Video & More/ 50′s Era TAB
It is in PDF format. Also the itinerary for the presentation is there as well.

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F. L. (Joe) Bartlett

I received news this week from Martha Bartlett that her husband F.L. (Joe) Bartlett passed away on 8/10/2013 from COPD.
He was an HM3 while in VP40 from 1951-1952. Joe was one of the oldest active members of our group. He did not have an email address but his mail address/phone is on our roster in the MEMBERS ONLY page if you want to send your condolences.

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Richard Roggansack

I received notice from Mrs Richard Roggansack that her husband Richard Roggansack passed away on 11/9/2012 from COPD after a short illness.
Richard was in VP40 in the 50′s I do not have his dates of service, nor his rate. He is listed as 1st ordinance only in my database, his wife did not know the dates either. If anyone remembers him and can send me his info I will post it here.

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