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VP40 SEAPLANE ERA squadron site

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You will be able pull up every airplane that was built in every country in the world and every aircraft company. Old, new, military, civilian? You will be amazed at what has been done in airplane design. The amount of info available is unbelievable.
Virtual Airplane Museum:

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Jets, Landing in Formation

Impressive Jets Landing in Formation

This is the Spanish Acrobatic Team Patrulla Aguila performing this exceptional landing formation. Very cool!


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2016 VP40 Reunion

It has been voted on and decided the 2016 VP40 reunion will be held in San Diego, CA.
The dates are:
START Weds-10/5/2016
END Sunday -10/9/2016
4875 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
Tel (619) 224-3621 or (800) 650-6660
There is now a 2016 Reunion page on this web site (under the REUNIONS TAB) where all info concerning this reunion will be posted.
I will be posting the rates and sign up info soon.
I will also be posting the menu and agenda.

We voted at the last reunion to now include ALL former and current VP40 folks, not just seaplane era. This means that P3V and soon P8A people may join oujr group. We welcome you and I am sure you will enjoy our reunions and our company…..We do know a few sea stories also.

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Mike Crownover

I am sorry to report that Mike Crownover passed away in October 2014. I do not have the date and I cannot find a Obit for him as I just received this info from Jim Staes. His widow (Willie) has moved and I do not have any current contact data for his family. Mike was a LCDR in VP40 from 1962-1964. I last saw him at the San Diego reunon in 2012 with his family. I talked to him in 9/2014 and he regretted that they could not attend the 2014 reunon in Pensacola. He will be missed.

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News for P3 sailors

Navy Careers Impacted by P-3 Transition

Week of January 19, 2015

The U.S. Navy recently announced career guidance for Naval Aircrewmen (Mechanical) (AWF) and Naval Aircrewmen (Avionics) (AWV) affected by the shift from P-3C Orion to P-8 Poseidon aircraft. Active duty P-3 AWF/AWV Sailors in Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) Codes of 8251 and 9402 should contact their rating detailer either one year from their Projected Rotation Date or their squadron’s transition conference, whichever happens first. Sailors will work with their detailer to determine open jobs among aircraft type and aircrew positions, along with lateral conversion choices to other ratings and options for separation from the service. Details on the conversion process can be found on the Navy Personnel Command website at www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/enlistedcareeradmin/Pages/AcduConv.aspx. Sailors may also contact Capt. Bruce “Des” Deshotel, Head Enlisted Community Manager (ECM) at bruce.deshotel@navy.mil, and Cmdr. Donald Gaines, Deputy ECM at donald.l.gaines@navy.mil.

For more Navy news updates, visit the Military.com News Center.

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Breaking News

It was voted on at our last reunion and I am pleased to announce that our VP40 (seaplane era) group is now accepting members from the P3 era also. It is about time as us seaplane sailors are geting a little old and haggard. (well some of us).
So if you are a former member or a current member of VP40 (PATRON 40) , you are welcome to join our group. With that you will receive our roster and access to our web site member pages, along with the newsletters and will be welcome to attend our reunions. Our current dues are $20 for 2 years.

here is the form to apply for membership
VP-40 Application 2015

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Merry Christmas

have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a


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Reunion Pictures

I have posted a lot of pictures from our 2014 reunion on our site. look under the
REUNIONS/2014 reunion @ Pensacola, FL/Pictures from 2014 Reunion TAB


I will be posting videos from the book signing we had there. He gave me some videos from the Currituck and also VP40 in View Nam.

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well it is that time of year again.
Time for the annual arse whipping of Army………………
Go Navy

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Web Site Fixed

I have fixed our web site. I am now able to post some of the pictures from our 2014 reunion. Look under REUNIONS/2014 Reunion @ Pensacola FL. TAB.
I will be adding more in the near future so be sure to check often. Also did you know that the GROUP Pictures are available direct from the photo studio. Here is the link to his site.
I will be posting info about our 2016 Reunion soon.

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