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Welcome Aboard Dick Pennington

Welcome Dick Pennington into our group.

We were crewmates together in crew 2 in 1965.

Dick was in VP40 from 1964-1966. He was an AMS3


I look forward to seeing yo at the next reunion.


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Air Force Merry Christmas

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you enjoy this I did.

Get ready to smile with a Merry Christmas from the US Air Force in 1940s uniforms and dancing in  the stye of the 1940s.





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About Time

Jerry Newman sent this video to me and it needs to be distributed.

I totally agree with it. It pisses me off every time I see it on TV and in person,

the disrespect that players and citizens there show when the National Anthem is played.

This even includes baseball players playing for the American Legion.

Enjoy this video and please pass it on.


Good to know one coach who teaches more than the sport.  Probably the most important lesson his players will ever get.

Kudos to Coach Buzz Williams, VT Basketball Coach.  


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Member News

Jack Fisher recently had major surgery, he is recovering slowly but surely.

Take a minute and let him know you are thinking of him please.

Also Mike Kane is in the PI for a little vacation (or something)

Bob Kinner put me in touch with a old VP40 buddy by the name of Dick Pennington.

Dick was a AM3 in my crew 2  back in the 60’s. He will be joining our group and hopefully attend the next reunion.

We are still hovering around 300 members but we need to increase that number for obvious reasons.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2016.


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Guy Fisk

A  short note to inform all our members that I have have moved and as such been a tad busy.

I will be emailing and mailing our a newsletter with updated info on our upcoming reunion in San Diego

in Oct,2016.

here is my current info

Guy Fisk

340 Lynn Cove Road

Asheville, NC 28804


email is the same    ggfisk@vp40.com    OR    ggfisk@charter.net

see ya @ the reunion


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Veterans Day 2015


Here is a list of Veterans Day Military Discounts for 2015.

enjoy them..


Have a healthy Veterans Day


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Agent Orange Update

This was on Military.com today.

Senate Hearings on Agent Orange | Military.com

Senate Hearings on Agent Orange

At a recent oversight hearing held to examine the impact of exposure to toxic chemicals, particularly veterans exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and water contamination at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, stressed the importance of having a standardized, scientific approach at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to determine which veterans should receive disability benefits based on their exposure to toxic chemicals. Also, the hearing examined efforts to expand disability benefits for veterans who served in ships offshore Vietnam, also known as the "Blue Water Navy Veterans." A video and testimonies from the hearing are available on the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs website at www.veterans.senate.gov/hearings/exposures09292015.

For more on veteran benefits, visit the Military.com Benefits Center.

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Phillip Smith

Hello Guy,   Please add me as user  PFSMITH

I am Philip Fred Smith.  I was an AXAN and AX3 in VP-40 from about June 1966 to Nov or December 67.  I made part of the 66 deployment – joined at Sangley in 66 and all of the 67 deployment. I made AX2 and Transferred to HS-10 not long before the end at NORIS.
I made the deployment to Cam Ranh in 66 to Salisbury Sound and in 67 to Currituck.  Flew out of NAF Cam Ranh on night of 11 April 67. No seats just a pile of cargo nets on the deck.  Was looking for some record of that too but no luck.
Am in process of VA AO IHD claim.  I submitted my orders and Travel Claim for the Currituck trip. Along with statement that I went ashore (The VA asked me for that).
I have nothing on the 66 trip.
Last night I located the Currituck Deck Logs for March and April on the National Archive site and downloaded them. they are listed by month and are quite large pdf files (100mb). No mention of boats or people going to shore. just ship arriving 19 March 67 and anchored, daily flight ops by A/C and Pilot – then Ship Departure on 12 April for Hong Kong.
I uploaded pertinent pages to Ebenefits.  I can email those to you if you like. It’s about 1.5MB.
Not sure but I think they have accepted my Vietnam Service – says no longer needed on my AO Blue water statement request.
I will keep you posted.
Oh, I live in Olongapo. retired Civil Service in 03. I was with NAESU / NATEC for 18 yrs as S3 and SH-60 Avionics rep at NORIS, CUBI and ATSUGI.
Haven’t been back to Sangley since 67
Please add me as user  PFSMITH
Philip Smith
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VP40 Roster

I have updated the VP40 members roster today 8/15/2015.

It is on our MEMBERS ONLY page. It is in PDF, XLS, and XLSX formats.

I you cannot access it or view the roster please contact me at

ggfisk@vp40.com or call me.

Remember you must be a member and LOG IN to view this page.

Guy Fisk

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Newest Member

Welcome our newest member
Thomas (Tom) Lewis to our group.
Tom was in VP40 for 2 tours.
1st tour 1/64-8/67. He was an AX2
2nd tour 12/68-5/72. He was an AW1
He was in crews 12/4/7/1
His info is posted on our web site in the members only pages.
He and his wife Tina reside in Florida.

His email is tlewis1030@bellsouth.net


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