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Fred Turbeville

I am sorry to announce that Fred Turbeville Jr. passed away on 12/20/2016.

Fred was a LTJG while in VP40 from 1964-1966.

I have posted his Obit on our Arrival/Departure page.

Here is a picture of him to remind you of him in his glory days.

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It was decided at the last reunion in Oct that the VP40 membership dues will be $20 per year instead of $20 for 2 years.

For those that have already paid the 2016-2018 dues you are grandfathered in, in other words you are good until the 2018-2020 period.

For all those that have NOT paid the 2016-2018 dues, you  will now pay $40 for that time period or pay $20 for each year.

Any questions please notify me

Guy Fisk

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Sad News

I received word from Bob Foss that Bruce Tippie’s wife Marilyn passed away on Christmas Eve.

I cannot find an Obit for her. If someone has one please send it to me and I will post it.

She had been ill for some time. Bruce came to our last reunion but only for an hour or so, as he could not leave her alone for to long.

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My Surgery

Well folks

I had my triple heart bypass, aortic valve replacement, 2 aneurysms in my upper ascending aorta, 4 major operations at once.

I had it Nov 7 and I am going to Cardiac Rehab starting tomorrow. I am driving and doing GREAT.

I should be paying a little more attention to the site now..

see you all in Nashville, Tn in 2018…

Guy Fisk

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John Honaker

I am sad to announce another of our members has passed away.

JOHN HONAKER passed away on 9/27/2016.

John was an ADR2 while in VP40 from 1965-1966. John and his wife Elizabeth

were planning on attending our reunion in Oct this year but at the last moment he called and had to cancel

due to health issues. He never made it to the reunion date. His OBIT is posted on our ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES page


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Revision to my surgery

I was informed today that because I have a tooth abscess,

they will not operate on my heart Tuesday. It has been rescheduled until 10/31/2016.

I guess it is bad to have heart valve repair(replacement) when you have an abscessed tooth.

WHO KNEW ???????? I guess it was good I called them today and informed them about it.

Oh well 2 more weeks of not playing golf bah bah

Guy Fisk

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2016 Reunion

Well we pulled it off. The 2016 reunion was a huge success.

I will post some info about it this weekend.

Unfortunately I am going under the knife next Tues 10/18/16.

I will have triple heart by-pass along with a heart valve replacement and a repair of an aneurysm

on my ascending artery. Not exactly an out patient operation. I will keep you all updated when I can.

I will post some pictures etc from the reunion in the next couple of weeks.

On a good note our next reunion will be in Nashville, TN in Sept of 2018. A lot

more to follow about that in the future.

Thank you for all who attended the reunion and for those who wanted to but could not for various reasons.

Guy Fisk



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Sad News to Report

I received news last night from Tom Bigley that
ANTHONY (TONY) LAZZARETTI passed away Sept/29/2016.
Tony was in VP40 from 1963-1966 as a LT. He retired from the US Navy as a Captain.
Tony and Sharon were looking forward to attending the reunion but He called last month and
had to cancel as his cancer had surfaced again. Tony had been battling Melanoma
for a long time and it finally won.
He will be missed by us all that knew and flew with him.
He was one of the good ones.

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Updated Reunion Agenda

There is an updated reunion agenda posted in the Reunions Tab. It will be the last revision
before the reunion. Please read it.
We now have 100 people signed up to attend. GREAT NEWS
See you all there.
If anyone needs to contact me my cell # is
Guy Fisk
I will be there Monday 10/3/16

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P8a visit

I have been informed that VP30 cannot fly a P8a out to San Diego for our reunion.
The budget is to tight and it is end of the year for the Feds.
Maybe for the next reunion. Hopefully VP40 will have the birds by then and can accommodate us.

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