I am very sorry to announce that David Fulcher passed away on Jan 13, 2019 at home.

He passed away from a heart attack. Dave had been suffering for a long time due to his cancer of the tongue.

He had survived a few surgeries for it, but I think it finally got him.

I am going to visit Iris and try to help her. I will report more when I return home.

Dave was one of the GOOD ones. 

Dave was in VP40 from 1962-1965 as an AX2. He retired from the Navy as a LTCDR.

If I get his OBIT I will post it here.


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HAPPY 2019

Well we made it through 2018.

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year 2019.

I will be adding more 2018 reunion pictures here soon, and also firming up our 2020 reunion and posting it here also.

Your 2019 dues are now overdue. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The annual dues are $20 and due at reunion time. IT is easier for us both if you pay  for 2 years $40 usually at reunion time.

There are a few that have paid for 2019, MOST of you have not paid 2019 and for that matter 2018, and 2017..

If you do not know if you are delinquent email me and I will give your your balance. In the past there are about 50 people that pay their dues and the other 250 DO NOT pay.

If you want this organization to continue, it is important for ALL to pay their dues. It would also be nice for you to contribute pictures, stories, or at least

communicate with each other and or me so I can provide content to this website. I realize that we are getting older but that is more reason to keep in touch with each other.

enough rant for today

Happy New Years everyone.

Guy Fisk

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More 2018 Reunion Pictures added

Maybe 2 more upload batches and they will ALL be up here on the web site.  COMMENTS are welcome 

If ANYONE has pictures from the reunion and want to contribute, please send them to me and I will add them to the group



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Well 2018 is just about in our rearview mirror. We had a GREAT reunion this year. The next reunion in 2020 will be in Jacksonville, FL

I will be sending out more details about it in 2019. Hope to see ya’ll there.

I and my family wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2019.

Guy Fisk

I received this card from Bruce Barth and thought I would pass it along for all to enjoy. Vintage 1951.


also this letter from days of old:


Christmas Cooperation

by CAPT Victor Delano, USN (Ret.)
During the Korean affair, USS Wedderburn (DD684) had picked up a Christmas tree just before leaving port. During routine patrol operations, however, the ship encountered heavy seas the Yuletide tree was washed over the side. There was little hope of getting another one.
On 22 December 1953 a PBM “Mariner” of Patrol Squadron 40 operating out of Sangley Point, P.I., flew within radio range of the destroyer and made its routine radio contact with the ship. On this particular night the ship had an additional message for the seabird.
“Watchdog to Charlie Able Four. Watchdog to Charlie Able Four, Over.” “This is Charlie Able Four. Go ahead Watchdog.” “This is Watchdog, How are you fixed for Christmas trees? Over.” “Say again your last transmission.” “This is no joke. We want a Christmas tree. Can you get us one?”
The aircraft pilot didn’t offer a definite yes or no but said he’d try. Whether the ship’s crew took this message with some skepticism or not, it’s hard to say; but it’s safe to assume that there was at least a wild hope. The seaplane returned to Sangley Point and reported the request. VP-40, it seemed, did have a mission schedule for Christmas Eve and it would pass in the immediate area of Wedderburn. So a tree was wrapped in burlap cloth and small, pocketsize, waterproof flashlights were pinned all over it. At one end a float was attached. Back on board the destroyer it was dark. The messenger was making his rounds waking the men who would soon be standing mid-watch.
Breaking the quiet of the chilly Christmas Eve was the sound of an airplane engine and an officer on the bridge hear it. Radio contact was made and ship and plane identified themselves. Then the aircraft came through with:
“We have a bundle for you. Where do you want us to drop it?” “Just forward of the bow.”
The patrol plane circled. On the second approach an airman opened the port hatch and shoved the brightly-lit bundle out into the night.
“Merry Christmas,” said the pilot, “Here’s your tree.”
via Bruce Barth Collection

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Arlen Shire

I am sad to announce that Arlen passed away  on 12/6/2018.

His Obit is on our Arrival/Departure page.

We are losing more people faster than we are gaining people. Lets try and correct this problem


Guy Fisk

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VP 40 Challenge Coin

We are now offering a VP 40 challenge coin. 

It will become a collectors item, so get them while they are available.

We had them at our last reunion and they are now available to all for $15 each plus shipping.

It is on our merchandise page,. here is link to it

they are bright and heavy.


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Happy Veterans Day 2018

Veterans Day 

Did you know: 

Veteran’s Day (also known as Armistice Day) was originally created to recognize the end of World War 1. This Veteran’s Day 11/11/2018 marks the 100 anniversary of the armistice,

or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the warring nations that ended World War 1 that went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.



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Mike Kane

Mike was finally laid to rest with a military funeral. 10/15/2018

He is buried at the former Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines.

RIP my friend.

I will get video of it and post it on this site 

Guy Fisk

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Reunion Pictures


I added some more pictures to our 2018 Reunion tab, check them out. A LOT more to post up but I will get er done



ere are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite until I post the remaining ones.

These were taken on the General Jackson riverboat cruise on Saturday 9/8/18


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2018 Reunion is Finished

We had our 2018 Reunion in Nashville, TN 9/5-9/9/2018

It is over, and from what I have heard everyone had a great time. The tours were delightfull,

I think Nashville was a good change of pace from San Diego and Pensacola.

but I must say we did not drink the amount of beer or booze that we did at the past reunions.

Partly because we were to busy on tours and partly because we are getting OLDER……

We even shut down the Ready Room earlier than usual. 

We did receive some bad news during this time.. Mike Kane passed away Thursday from a heart attack. He was living in the Philippines.

If I receive an OBIT I will publish it here.

We voted and our next reunion in 2020 will be held in Jacksonville, FL.

I will move it back to October for that one. 

I will post pictures from the reunion in the REUNION TAB 2018 on this site, hopefully next week, I will leave a post when available.

If anyone took pictures and they want to share them, PLEASE email them to me, either to: 

ggfisk@vp40 OR  I will put them on the site.

If anyone has comments about the reunion please leave them on the 2018 Reunion TAB for all to enjoy.

I hope everyone made it home safe and sound. 

See ya all in JAX (Good Lord willing and the creek don’t  rise)

Guy Fisk

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