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Welcome Aboard

Posted by on May 10, 2011

VP40 SEAPLANE ERA squadron site

19 Responses to Welcome Aboard

  1. Steve Freeman

    My Dad was Richard C.Freeman lll , Naval Academy class of 58 and VP40 from 59-64
    We lost Dad on 2/11/17 & lost Mom on 1/23/19.
    I called and spoke with Guy Fisk back after Dad passed.
    I was at the 2000 Reunion with Dad and Mom at Pensacola.
    I have copied this page onto my computer and will keep up with it. I am sure I have some pictures to share as well.
    Steve Freeman

    • Guy Fisk

      I am glad to hear from you.
      I am sorry to hear about your mother.
      You and your family are WELCOME to attend our next reunion in St Augustine, FL Oct 7-11, 2020
      If you have some pictures send them to me and I will post them on this web site for all to enjoy.
      Hope to see you again this Oct.
      Guy Fisk

  2. Bruce Meadows

    Unable to down load your letter for some reason. Probably my computer skill. Will get it by smail.

    Thanks for getting the web sight up and running.

  3. Guy Fisk

    Welcome aboard
    Henry Young AO3 1965-1967
    joined 1/2012

  4. Guy Fisk

    Welcome aboard
    Phillip R. Franks ATR2 1966-1969
    joined 12/2011

  5. John R Creech jr - AX-2

    AX-3 -> AX-2, Flight Crew-2, Finished my enlistment as “First Tech” in the Skippers Crew-1. The squadron commander almost drove me crazy trying to get me to re-up and stay in the Navy. He promised a ride in a Nuclear Sub as a reinlist bonus. Lots of work and training in almost every other crew on all the MAD equipment. After training Dave Doughty, we kept all that equipment working as it was supposed to for all the planes. He re-upped as far as I know.

    I believe Dave did 20 years and then settled in Hawaii with his wife from Cavite. It was a good middle-point between his home town in the middle farming industry and her home town in the Philippines. I think they had two children, a girl and then a boy. He was a good hard working friend from the Farming Industry.

    I remember the 2002 reunion in San Diego. Nice Hotel, Great Town and Good Food. A lot of people were hard to recognize. The reunion next year should be interesting. We are all getting old and closer to the end of this mess we call life on planet earth.

    I settled in Irvine, CA located near the “John Wayne Airport” in Orange County California, approximately 10 miles south of Disneyland. I managed to parlay all that electronic training into a very respectable living with 3 Divisional start-ups with Memorex Corporation during their “HeyDay”.

    I designed the first and fastest rigid disk, electronic magnetic certifier that was in existence. It became and still is to this day, the fastest method of electronic certification for all round magnetic coated memory devices. Then I spent time with their round rigid disk substrate division designing and building an electronic device that detects 50 micro-inch depressions about the diameter of your index fingernail.

    Then worked to develop electronic instruments to control all the Plastic Injection molding machines in their plastics division. We started with a 100,000 square-foot cement slab and developed the first plastic division that was equipped with electronically controlled instrumentation to maximinize product yeild, thus maximum efficiency. Come to think of it I was written up on that in the Monthly edition of Plastics World magazine.

    Fifteen years later when all the equipment was literally “worn-out” and scheduled to be “scraped”, the last months financial postings to corporate were $45.000,000. I lost track of how many companies I worked with to develop all those sensor’s and instrumentation.

    There was always so much corporate profit at stake I worked my lifetime of hours by the time I was fifty.
    And I felt every bit of it. A workaholic with no children or wife. I finally met an amazingly kind, religious woman that is definitely “One of Gods Favorites”. Whats left of life is at least a slower pace with a remarkable companion. I hope all my old squadron friends should be as lucky.

    Best regards to all: John R Creech jr. USNA, AX-2 1-5-1961 to 1-4-1965

  6. Henry Young

    I would like thank Bruce Barth for keeping the History and the Memories of the Seaplane Era.
    I would like to encourage all Our VP-40 Friends to contact us and if they have any historical information or pictures to post I know Guy Fisk would be happy to post them.

  7. Henry Young

    Michael Kane:
    Henry Young Says hello. I remember you ordering parts for the Ordnance Shop and having a good time at the Club as well as in town.
    Henry Young AO-3


      Hi HENRY we talked on the phone a while back yes many fond memories of VP 40 . The 2012 reunion is myself JACK FISHER GEORGE PERKINS decided to re visit PHIL and CAVITE CITY so glad we did so in MARCH 2013 we had a great time and would encourage anyone who has an interest to go back to do it the people are wonderful and so receptive to these strange men in VP 40 shirts I will make another trip this fall . Nice to hear from you HENRY hope to see you at the 2014 reunion in PENSACOLA MIKE

  8. Henry Young

    Hello to all my VP-40 friends. I served in VP-40 1965 through 1967. I flew in Crew 8 with Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Neal, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Trelease. Guy Moore, Charlie Perotta, Arthur Slack, Ben Taisler, Evans, Williams, Nadeau. Those were very special times. I only keep in touch wit Bruce Barth and Arthur Slack. If you would like to contact me feel free to do so.
    Henry young<

  9. Richard F Romano ATN2

    To whom it may concern: I am one of the inactive members on your list. I don’t pay dues because I can’t see any benefits for doing so. I served in the squadron between 1961 and 1963. Hopefully, the new chairman will do better with new members than the prior one. I would like to know if any of my fellow crewmen are still around? I served with the following flight crews, RB1 and 8. Flight crew 8 perished returning to Sangley Pt. Only one crewman lived after the aircraft flew into a mountain. He was the crews electrician and was sleeping in the after station. Because he was severly burned, he received a medical discharge. Flight crew 1 was the Captain’s crew, I was the first technician and operated radiar and MAD equipment. I live in Ocala, FL. I doubt very much that I will go San Diego for the 2012 Reunion. I do plan to go Pensacola at air museum to see the PM 2 Marlin. I don’t expect see much gear on the flight deck if visitors are allowed to go inside the aircraft. If you can explain to me why I need to become a active member, please advise. Dick Romano

  10. Robert O. Cook, ADRC (Ret)

    I enjoyed all the comments and pictures. It brought back many memories of my tour in VP-40 from May, 1959 – August, 1961. A lot of memories of both good and bad. In my 20 years in the Navy, this was the hardest working squadron I was ever assigned to. Thanks to this email and to my son who found it and alerted me to it. Thanks again!

  11. Jerry W. Bowman

    Just found out bout this site and I am on my way out the door but will check it out closer later.

  12. Arthur Slack

    As a person of few words, I appreciate what you are doing. Anything I can do to help let me know.

  13. James Bonner

    A very good start.

  14. Wes Colvin

    I don’t remember 50 caliber machine guns on our sea planes P5M’s, I know they were 20mm.

  15. Guy Fisk

    thanks for the comments guys.
    If you look under reunions at the top of page, there are pictures of the reunions, Including 2010 Barth.

  16. Bruce Barth 65-67

    Here-here, I’ll second that. VP-40 is a great squadron and thanks to Guy we now have our own website. Let’s all pitch in and help him with whatever he needs to make this website a success. I attended the 2010 reunion in San Antonio and was impressed with the great turn out. It was my first since 1992 and I’m looking forward to going to San Diego in 2012.

  17. Dave Fulcher 1962-65

    I’d like to be the first to thank Guy Fisk for creating this website for all the VP-40 shipmates. Attended the reunion in Branson and the one in San Antonio. Now we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in San Diego in 2012.

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