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These items are for sale from our VP40 group direct.

VP40 Merchandise 11-18
Guy Fisk (


Bob Polk (

for orders or questions.

If you want something other than what is shown, let us know, we can special order it.



11 Responses to Merchandise

  1. Mike Richardson

    today is 11/26/2018 at 1:53pm and I can not access the ships store in order to purchase the coins. I have clicked on the link the merchandise comes up but there is no way to order any of it.

  2. Howard Stephens

    to Guy or Bob: Hope you both are well happy.Would love to speak to you directly, call me at 770-527-2581 or send me an e-mail at‘t know if Bob Stangler is still around or not. I presume that we remain the oldest members of the membership. I have done all I know how to do on the computer but am unable to get to a place to order merchandise from the “Ships Store”. I need to order new bill hats since my last one is so worn that it is in bad need to go to the trash.Also would like to now how I stand with my dues. If I am behind please let me know so that I can become current. I wish for the both of you the very best that life and God have to offer. Thanks and have a great day. Howard Stephens AL3 VPMS 10.


  3. ken colson

    Misplaced your phone number but; I need 9 of the small patcheds and 2 of the larger ones. Let me know the total dollar amount and mailing address to send the check to. Ken

  4. Denzil Jones

    Hi Guy, I am trying to purchase an authenic sailor hat for my son

  5. Guy Fisk

    Check out our NEW T Shirts available NOW cost $15 each, in White or Gray, all sizes

    • Denzil Jones

      Also the hat had the squadron symbol on it…thanks

  6. Guy Fisk

    We have added some items for you i.e. coffee cups and new T Shirts

    • Denzil Jones

      Hi Guy, I am trying to replace my hat I lost somewhere. It was Patrol Squadron Forty with the three planes on it. Also I had a hat pin P5M2 on the hat. Hat was Navy . I see the hat pin but can’t figure out how to order one on the site. Can this hat be duplicated? Can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

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