We will have our VP40 reunion In San Diego, CA in Oct 2022.

I do not have a date yet. We have not had a reunion since 2018 due to the Covid 19 

pandemic. Enough is enough………………..lets do it while we can still remember it.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops.

Our former shipmates are dropping like flies, so We will attempt a reunion in 2022. 

This will put us back o the normal schedule of East Coast/West Coast reunions.

Guy Fisk






6 responses to “2022 VP40 REUNION”

  1. Dave Mathes Avatar
    Dave Mathes

    Where, How, can we pay dues?

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      you can pay me.
      send check to
      Guy Fisk
      575 Sandy Flat Mountain Road
      Fletcher, NC 28732

  2. H. A. (Skip) Matt Avatar
    H. A. (Skip) Matt

    Hi Guy!
    Long time no reunion! Would like to renew membership while I can still write checks and travel.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      You can send me dues anytime……
      Our next reunion will be in Oct 2022 at Holiday Inn Bayside San Diego, CA
      Keep checking our website for more info

      Guy Fisk

  3. Richard Carrel Avatar
    Richard Carrel

    Hello Guy,
    This is Richard Carrel crew 11. I've only been to one reunion and that was in Pensacola 2014. Haven't checked the web site very often since then. I am interested in the 2022 reunion in San Diego. Haven't been there since 1970. Planning something a year away may be a little pre-mature-hopefully I'll still be around. Do you still have items in the ship store for purchase? Interested in a hat and shirt. My hat is gone and my shirt is pretty worn. Thanks. I'll check in a little more often.

    1. Guy Fisk Avatar

      welcome back.
      Yes we have some items for sale yet.
      Send me size color etc.
      We will have our 2022 reunion at the Holiday Inn Bayside in San Diego in Oct.
      Exact date TBD
      Guy Fisk
      Laging Handa

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