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My Surgery

Posted by on December 12, 2016

Well folks

I had my triple heart bypass, aortic valve replacement, 2 aneurysms in my upper ascending aorta, 4 major operations at once.

I had it Nov 7 and I am going to Cardiac Rehab starting tomorrow. I am driving and doing GREAT.

I should be paying a little more attention to the site now..

see you all in Nashville, Tn in 2018…

Guy Fisk

5 Responses to My Surgery

  1. Tom Lewis

    Glad all went well, now for the fun part–REHAB!!! Remember Guy, it’s going to knock 5 strokes off your golf score!!!

  2. George Morrow

    Prayers Guy get well fast.

  3. Pete Landon

    Wow,you got to have connections up stairs,glad your,good.

  4. Britt Burton

    I’m glad it went well! Catching those aneurysms is great, those things are ticking time bombs!

  5. Jim

    Hey Guy, I’m so happy for you and that everything came out AOK! Don’t try to overdo it just because you can!

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