Bill (Wilbur) Bettis

I received an email from Hal Peper concerning our vp40 friend and member Bill (Wilbur) Bettis.
here is the email
Had a great day today. Joan and I met Wilburvar link = document.getElementById('link2736');link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute('href');} 's sister Trish And her husband Pat at Wilbur's newvar link = document.getElementById('link2736');link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute('href');} care home.He is suffering from a brain virus which may be West Nile. Unfortunately there is no positive cure it must run it's course. So those of you who believe in prayer keep praying. This is the best I've seen him. He had moments of alertness and then falls asleep.Guess only time will tell.We give your updates and we will continue to brief you. HAl
He also sent a picture of the two of them. here it is also:






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  1. Dorothy Avatar

    Hi all, not sure where to post this for you but will try here. I was a member of the dental office where Bill was a patient. I just received information on his memorial service and thought you would want to know. The service will be on Sunday July 23rd from 1-4pm at the Cypress Naval Golf Club, 5660 Orangewood Ave, Cypress, CA 90630. An Italian Luncheon will be served in the Banquet Hall with a cash bar. Please RSVP to:


    Wilbur Bettis was a very, very dear friend and my wife Christine and I are devastated. He was a prince of a man, an outstanding supporter of naval aviation and all things military, and a patriot in the truest and deepest meaning of the word. We will miss him. God bless, Wilbur–enjoy your reunion with your buds up there! Dick and Christine Hallion

  3. Bruce Pilkington Avatar

    Nieuport 17 was our most favorite restaurant of all we vsited. We loved to go there and talk with Bill!! What a guy and what a wonderful life he had. He told us he graduated from Glendale HIgh School in 1951. We lived in Eagle Rock and had friends who attended Glendale High School. We graduated Eagle Rock High in1954. God bless you Bill!!! Know you are enjoying the clouds of heaven!! Bruce and Julie Pilkington

  4. David Röhlander Avatar

    Bill passed away Wednesday night.

  5. Patrick (Pat) Remolacio Avatar
    Patrick (Pat) Remolacio

    2 March 2017: Sad to share that Wilbur flew into the clouds of heaven yesterday. Will very much miss our great friend, neighbor and “Raconteur Extraordinaire”!! RIP Wilbur!!

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