Donald Stebbins

I found this today also.

STEBBINS, LCDR Donald J. [Deceased] c/o His Son Craig Stebbins “…My father (LCDR Donald J. Stebbins) died as a result of an operational aircraft accident while participating in 1968 WESTPAC aboard the USS Yorktown (CVS-10), as a pilot in VS-23. I’d be grateful to hear from anyone who knew him while at VP-40 (7/59 to 9/61), VP-42 (12/61 to 3/63) , VT-1, NABTC (3/63 to 3/66), and VS-23 (9/66 to 1/68)…” [BIO/PIX Updated 26OCT2002 | 25MAR2000]






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  1. Fred Dumont Avatar

    I remember the mid-air incident but not your Dad because of the passing time – I must’ve known him because I was a VS-23 plane captain/flight deck troubleshooter during this time.
    As I remember this tragedy, i recall one aircraft from both VS-23/25 were in a formation where one was above the other and one climbed hitting the one above. The incident was reported in the local newspaper but I don’t remember how things were settled.
    I hope this helps and sorry for the late reply; I just stumbled on the ’23 web-site.
    Fred Dumont

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