This is extremely powerful and very appropriate for Memorial Day.
I’m sending it early so you have time to send it to someone else…………..

How will you be observing Memorial Day in 2014??
lets get some discussion going about it. leave comments for others to join in here.

Thanks for Your Service. Pass it Along.
This is way beyond cool! For those of you that did serve THANK YOU!
For those of you that are serving, THANK YOU!!!
Take a moment and watch this! If this does not choke you up a little, have a moment with the Man Above!

let us not forget






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  1. Guy Fisk Avatar

    Guy Fisk—I will be attending a American Legion breakfast @ 8:00 AM followed by the monthly meeting for the post. Then I will be joining my fellow servicemen/women at the Western North Carolina State Veterans Graveyard where the VietNam Vets of America Post and the American Legion Post (I belong to both) will be laying flags and wreathes upon the graves there.

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