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Where were you?

Posted by on September 11, 2013

September 11,2001  is a day that most Americans remember where they were when the terrorists attacked us.

I was in the BOS ARTCC (the FAA long range radar facility ) located in Nashua, NH. We were having our morning regional outage report telcom.  The Air Traffic Controller supervisor

for that airspace sector came up and asked for the key to the “tape room” (the FAA records ALL radio conversations both ground and airborne ). He thought there was a HiJacking taking place over New York.

It turns out he was correct and then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. It was a very busy day from that moment on.

It is like the day when John F. Kennedy got shot. Most people remember where they were then also. I was  in VP40 at Sangley Point when it happened.

It was nighttime over there.

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