QE1 Crash

I recently received this from Dick Romano.

It is a letter from Joseph B. “Bernie” Daugherty AE2,  the sole survivor of that crash on 8/2/1962 in the Philippines.

I also talked to Bernie today and he is trying to attend the reunion this year.

To any SP5B Crewmember

The names of the crewmembers on that VP40 mishap is as follows: CDR N. P. Vegelahn (C.O.), LTJG w. l. Locke, LTJG J. L. Criscoe, ENS B. B. Burton, TDC

T. E. Bowman, AT1 B. G. Clarke, ADR2 R. T. Bluford, AO2 G. C. Bettis, ATR3 P. A. Waterhouse, ATN3 J. G. Faulkner, and ATN3 H. B. Brown