2014 Reunion

I am traveling to Pensacola, FL this week to begin seting up our next reunion. I am thinking the week of Oct 5,2014.

I will be staying and reviewing the Holiday Inn on Pensacola Beach.  Here is their website.


It is one of the few that has a ready room /banquet room large enough to accommodate us.

Our last reunion in San Diego,  Oct. 2013 we had over 120 people attend.

I am expecting over 100 for the next one. I have received a price so far of $134/room.

Each room has a microwave/fridge. It is right on Pensacola beach.

I would like to hear comments/ phone calls etc. about the location/price before I finalize this deal.

The Holiday Inn where we stayed in 2004 is closed.

I will keep you posted on the progress.