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Posted by on September 13, 2016

My RANT for the day

Just a gentle reminder that according to my records,
we have LOST 14 VP40 members from death since our last reunion in 2014.
We also have added 16 New members to our group.
I have empirically derived (how do you like that statement ??)
that at that rate, our group will start rapidly reducing, unless 1 of 2 things take place.(or both)
1. Someone invents a MAGIC PILL that will let us live longer and better.
2. WE ALL need to beat the bushes and increase our membership.

WE changed our bylaws to now include ALL VP40 personnel, past and present.
Lets get the word out there folks.
WE have to much fun at our reunions to have them go away.

See you all at the reunion and lets discuss ways to make this happen.
Guy Fisk
Laging Handa

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