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VP40 New Members

Posted by on August 11, 2014

OK folks, here is the way it is as of today 8/11/2014.
If you look under the Arrivals & Departures TAB
You will notice that since I started as the chairman of this group,
we have had 37 new members (arrivals)
we have also had 37 deaths (departures)
That is what I call a wash. This is good but I know we can do better !!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are a LOT of former VP40 people who DO NOT belong now, and or have never joined our group.
I am requesting that EVERYONE who is a member of this group join in contacting as many former shipmates as they can.
If you know of anyone who does not belong to our group and you are in touch with them, ask them to consider joining our group.
If this does not happen I am sure our balance sheet (Arrival & Departure TAB) will start being lopsided on the DEPARTURE side.
Lets see how many new members we can sign up before our upcoming reunion. You might even renew a long lost friendship or two.
thanks in advance.
Guy Fisk

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